Under the Endless Sky!!

Everyone is born to die Someday

When came to know this truth one day

It made me weep, It made me Cry

I realised the fact that

Every living being is mortal

And nothing lives Forever & ever..

Like the leaves of trees which gives us shade

Someday even our parents going to fade..

Knowing this, I began to be Distressed

Lost all my hopes & Interest

Then my Mother took me on her lap

Kissed my forehead & Asked me to smile

She told that we all are bound to live in exile

The Boundary of life is very small

One needs to go beyond one day

To float in the Vast Space of the sky

“Cherish the moment you share with me

I am the one who will be with you in all your dreams”

Sooner or Later I understood the meaning of her saying

One has to loose, It’s a part of Gaming

Now, She’s no more..

But I am chasing her Under the Endless sky

By the way of my Infinite Thoughts…

After all there is no boundary of Thoughts

Just Like that of Limitless Sky!!

-Damini Shah


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