Oyster Mushroom Roll


Oyster Mushroom

Wheat flour dough

Half capsicum medium sized

Half carrot

One small sized tomato

One small sized onion for filling

One small sized grated onion for wrap

Spring leaves

Ginger and Garlic paste

Two green chili

Red Chili powder

Coriander chutney



Tomato Ketchup

Chili sauce

Schezwan Chutney


Egg (Optional)


Step 1

Make dough using wheat flour just the way we do for paranthas and keep it aside

Note: You can also use Maida in place of wheat flour.

Step 2

Chop all the vegetables mentioned above.

Step 3

Heat a kadhaai, add two tbsp oil

Step 4

Add ginger and garlic paste, chopped onion, schezwan chutney 1 tbsp and saute for 1 minute on a low flame.


Step 5

Add all the vegetables mentioned above to the kadhaai and saute until they become soft on a low flame.


Step 6

Add washed and chopped mushroom to it as shown in the picture below.


Step 7

Add vinegar, dry coriander powder, chili sauce, tomato ketchup and salt to it and cook for three minutes then turn the stove off.


Step 8

Roll the already prepared dough into chapati, add oil to the tava and cook like normal parantha.

Note: Keep the size of the parantha litter bigger than the usual parantha,


Step 9

Fill the ingredients layer by layer on the parantha,

First coriander chutney, then mushroom and vegetable filling,Β a layer of mayonnaise.


Then Chili sauce, grated onion, chopped spring leaves, tomato ketchup and cheese (Optional)

You can add egg bhurji also, If you are non vegetarian like me, otherwise without egg also it will do.


Step 10

Wrap or roll them, Β in whichever way you want πŸ™‚


Rolls are ready, Serve hot.




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