Okra Jaipuri (Side Dish)


Bhindi (Okra)

Besan (Chickpeas Flour)

Ginger paste

Cumin powder

Lemon juice

Chopped onions

Dry coriander powder

Green chili paste

Red chili powder


Sugar half tbsp

Turmeric powder

Black pepper powder



Step 1

Chop Bhindis (Okra) just the way it is shown in the picture below and take all the spices mentioned above in a bowl and mix well.


Step 2

Take chopped Okra in a bowl and add all the spices we have mixed .


Step 3

Add Besan to the okras and sprinkle few drops of water on it and mix well.


Keep the mixture aside for five minutes.

Step 4

Heat oil in a kadhaai and deep fry the Okras until they become crunchy like chips.


It will take 10-12 minutes. Fry on a medium flame.

Okra Jaipuri is ready. Serve hot with Chapati or rice as a side dish along with Dal, Vegetable gravy and raita 🙂


Note: Don’t forget to pat dry the okras after it is ready with a kitchen napkin to remove the extra oil in it.



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