Pav Bhaji recipe


Green peas half a bowlPicsArt_09-18-10.00.27

Cauliflower 1 to 1.5 cups

Eggplant one cup

Tomato 3 medium sized

potato 2 medium sized

half medium sized Capsicum

one medium sized Onion

half cup Carrot

Butter or oil

Half tbsp garam maslaPicsArt_09-18-09.56.49

Coriander leaves

Half tbsp Turmeric powder

Dry coriander powder half tbsp

Red chili powder half tbsp

Ginger garlic paste 2 spoon

3 Green chili

Pav bhaji masala 2 tbsp

Salt (As per taste)

Sugar half tbsp

Lemon juice one tbsp

Cumin seeds


Step 1

Wash all the vegetables properly mentioned above

Step 2

Boil all the vegetables except onion.


Step 3

Mash the boiled vegetables

You can also mash them in kadhaai directly while cooking, but I prefer this way.


Step 4

Heat a kadhaai, add oil or butter and saute cumin seeds and coriander.


Step 5

Add finely chopped one onion and ginger garlic paste to the kadhaai with half tbsp garam masala and dry coriander powder, saute  till it turns golden brown in  colour.


Step 6

Add mashed vegetables to the kadhaai with half tbsp turmeric powder,half tbsp sugar, half tbsp red chili powder, one tbsp lemon juice and salt as per taste.


Step 7

Mix pav bhaaji masala in water and add to the kadhaai


Step 8

Add half bowl of water, finely chopped coriander leaves and one more tomato to the kadhaai (Optional) and cook for 5 minutes on a medium flame and then turn the stove off.


Step 9

Heat a tava,add butter and toast the pav from both the sides.


Pav Bhaji is ready.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves, Chopped onions, butter and serve hot.

The consistency of the pav bhaji depends on you, If you want to make it thick add less water otherwise add as per your wish or number of servings.




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