How the world perceive you?

It’s really a strange thing for me when people start talking to me extra politely, or starts to see me differently as a responsible, studious and intelligent person the minute they come to know, I am a law graduate and a batch topper. I mean I can be all that or I can be exact opposite of what they think I am. The point is, they have no idea how much my education has contributed to shape the kind of person I am today or whether my personality is a reflection of what my qualifications says about me or not but still they form opinions based on the degree I acquired. Actually for all this clarity about a person you got to know the person instead of perceiving them the way you want to right? 

Astonishing is the fact that without knowing one, people form an opinion and also start acting accordingly.

You basically don’t know me at all and you have already formed an opinion that I am superior to you just because YOU think law is a prestigious and difficult degree to have than any other. I mean seriously? Are you that ignorant about education and degrees?

I am really clueless, why they forget that right now I am also a MBA student just like them and for me getting this degree is as important as it was for me to get the LLB one, and that would have been the very first reason I have ever thought to enroll myself for the course right? From the second year onwards I knew I will be doing MBA in future after graduation. Yes I agree my graduation degree is may be a little on a heavier side than those who has choosen to do in simpler subjects, but who are we to judge people based on the choice of degree they pursue?
I also agree with the fact that Law is a complex one to study but then I think it stands for all subjects while you are studying it. It’s not easy at first go but you sink it once you study. Aren’t they?

I am not denying the fact that studying law gives a good confidence to one’s personality and it helps them to deal better with people and situations but still how does a degree makes one superior than others in any sense, I don’t get this thing.

Education can be taken into consideration while judging someone’s intellect or their code of conduct in society but how can you simply start putting someone above others only because you think they have studied difficult subjects or has given extra 2 years to their particular course. Funny people and funny ways of anticipating life. 

-Damini Shah


I woke up in the morning

Choked and frozen

Trying to feel the soul

I touched the face

I know this feel

It’s familiar and known 

Not the first time I am meeting this person

But Do I really know…

Who is she???

Lost in these thoughts 

I get up from the bed

Smile-Smile and welcome

A new day in my life

But is it a new day?

Captivated in thoughts

How can somebody think??

Choked inside

How can one breathe??

The day passes

And so my life

Engrossed in weird dreams

I sleep again

The faces I see

Do I really know them?

In search of peace

The journeys continues..

Days becomes months

And months into years..

I keep walking

Like a dead soul

On a painful road

The destiny is not destined

It’s just a long way

Where I am already lost 

As early as I started to walk

Lost in my thoughts

I try to think again….

I woke up in the morning

Merely to get up again…




You fall out of love!!

Its not always you are in love

Many times you fall out of love

You choose to feel it

And then you choose not to feel it

Whatever it is,

But you fall out of love

Its hard to explain it

Even harder to feel it

It is that very moment

When suddenly it starts to shatter

Everything just falls out of place

And that’s when

Exactly then

You fall out of love..

You admit it or not

You believe it or not

But deep down inside

You utter those words

Silently screaming

Trying  to break through

You want to do something

You want to help yourself

Rescue your heart

Mend your soul

And in that moment

Exactly that very moment

You know somehow

You have fallen out of love

You surely have..



Things goes empty

Once filled with love
The walls becomes
A blank slate again
Ready for someone else
Ready for some another tale

How time flies!!
I wonder sitting at one corner
Wrapping all those things
That I could really wrap

Now it’s time to take
That picture frame
I once hung on the wall
I knew this would not get any place anywhere again
Bothered by the thought
I kept it away
Hoping to not find it ever again

Midst of all these
Wrapping and packing
I remember all those memories
I once lived here
Laughs, tears, moments, pleasure and pain
Will I be leaving those here
All in vein?
Or it will follow me
To the new place again?

The emptiness of the walls
Now starts to bother me
It screams my name
Making me guilty of leaving all behind and moving again
I feel helpless
Still pack my bags
Closed the door
And walk past the memory lane.


Home is a feeling!!

The best feeling in the world is to see your dream home getting built infront of you. Specially for those who has always craved for one. I feel extremely lucky that we could finally build one for ourselves. It’s a beautiful emotion wrapped with love and affection.

It’s a journey we started together few years back. All we had was a vision to turn it into something beautiful, something close to our heart. As we both are passionate about art, design, architecture and interior, we knew we would definitely take this to an another level. But now when we see it we only get mesmerised by the beautiful outcome. Sometimes you don’t believe things you only created and that’s a really candid moment to experience.

Luckily our style sense always matches, otherwise to be able to match up with somebody like me who has OCD for design and perfection could have been a little difficult for anybody to cope up with. But thanks hubby to always believe my vision and giving your nod to all those things I scribbled on papers and said, “Let’s do this one” 😜

Now when we see it we find that each corner is filled with reflection of what we call as our den. Indeed you and me made a beautiful place together, We call HOME 😍


-Damini Shah


Meri sihaahi se!!

Aaj pata nahi kyun kuch likhne ka bada mann kar raha hai 

Aisa aksar nahi hota

Jabki pata hai ki likhne baithu

Toh kuch na kuch likh hi lungi

Par isme kamaal mera kuch bhi nahi

Is zindagi ka hai

Jisne muje likhne ko ek rang diya

Bas gamm ye hai ki rang me ek hi rang diya

Rangin rang hota toh kitna accha hota

Likhne ko kae baatey hoti

Abhi toh filhaal bas ek andherey kaaley rang ka khokhla kona hai

Jisme jazbaat ki sihahi se aksar raushni bharne ki koshish karti hun

aur shabdo se sicchne ki mehnat

Par kabhi kabhi lagta hai 

Jo bhi mila kahin na kahin

Aaj mere wajood me Zinda hai

Ek kalaakaar kabhi kisi bhi chiz ko

Jo use kabhi na kabhi chhu kar gae ho

Bujhne ya marne nahi deta

Yehi toh uski sabse badi kalaakaari hai

Apne andar ki marey hue bhavnao ko bhi wakt bewakt

lafzo k sahare zinda rakhna

Islie jab bhi likhne ka mann karta hai

Kalam utha leti hun

Pata nahin kaun sa mere andar ka mara hua hissa

Aaj fir se jeena chahta ho..

-Damini Shah


Uska thikaana..

Kisi ne poocha us masoom ko

Jo ab ek jimmedaar insaan honey ka livaas pehne ghumta rehta hai dar badar

Tumhara aashiyaa kahan hai?

Kaha se ae ho tum?

Tumhara thikaana kaha hai?

Tammam zaedaad, uchi uchi imaartey bangley aur shaano shaukat

Kuch na aya zubaan par us wakt

Aya agar toh bas zehen mein ek manzar

Ek chota sa tikhaana 

Jise wo aaj bhi ghar kehta hai

Jahaa guzaari usne apne jeevan ki wo tammam sukun se bharey din

Apno k saath.. apno k beech

Wo, uska masoom bachpan aur uski Maa

Chota sa do kamro ka makaan 

Aur wo bhi bhaadey ka

Rasoi choti si.. Tin k chajje se bani

Chota sa baramdaa, lakre ki chauki

Aur uspe baithi, steel k cup se chai ki chuskia leti hui uski maa.. 

Sardiyo ka mausam aur maa k haath ki garam garam saag sabji

Pidhi pe baith k school se aaney k baad

Kisse kahaniyon k beech 

Wo maa k hath se khaata hua

Ek rupai ki choclate aur hotho me lakho ki muskaan bekherta hua

Yehi toh thi uski pehchaan

Bhala ho sakta hai kya isse accha koi aasiyaa kisi k liye kabhi

Pata nahi.. shaayad hota bhi hoga

Par uske liye toh yehi thi uski duniya

Aaj bhi pocho toh har ek koney koney ki khabar aanke, hotho se phle bayaa kar deti hai

Yehi toh tha uska ghar, uska thikana

Wo jahaan, jahaa wo kabhi sukun se jiya karta tha… 

-Damini Shah

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