I woke up in the morning

Choked and frozen

Trying to feel the soul

I touched the face

I know this feel

It’s familiar and known 

Not the first time I am meeting this person

But Do I really know…

Who is she???

Lost in these thoughts 

I get up from the bed

Smile-Smile and welcome

A new day in my life

But is it a new day?

Captivated in thoughts

How can somebody think??

Choked inside

How can one breathe??

The day passes

And so my life

Engrossed in weird dreams

I sleep again

The faces I see

Do I really know them?

In search of peace

The journeys continues..

Days becomes months

And months into years..

I keep walking

Like a dead soul

On a painful road

The destiny is not destined

It’s just a long way

Where I am already lost 

As early as I started to walk

Lost in my thoughts

I try to think again….

I woke up in the morning

Merely to get up again…





Home is a feeling!!

The best feeling in the world is to see your dream home getting built infront of you. Specially for those who has always craved for one. I feel extremely lucky that we could finally build one for ourselves. It’s a beautiful emotion wrapped with love and affection.

It’s a journey we started together few years back. All we had was a vision to turn it into something beautiful, something close to our heart. As we both are passionate about art, design, architecture and interior, we knew we would definitely take this to an another level. But now when we see it we only get mesmerised by the beautiful outcome. Sometimes you don’t believe things you only created and that’s a really candid moment to experience.

Luckily our style sense always matches, otherwise to be able to match up with somebody like me who has OCD for design and perfection could have been a little difficult for anybody to cope up with. But thanks hubby to always believe my vision and giving your nod to all those things I scribbled on papers and said, “Let’s do this one” 😜

Now when we see it we find that each corner is filled with reflection of what we call as our den. Indeed you and me made a beautiful place together, We call HOME 😍


-Damini Shah


Kya itna kathin hai? 

Kae dino se khayaal aata hai

Itna mai badal kaise gaya? 

Kal hi ki toh baat thi

Jab khule aasmaan me pakshi bhaati

Uda karta tha

Koi fikr nahi

Koi khauf nahi

Bas bepaak iradey 

Aur meri udaan! 

Aaj sochta hun

Toh chal paana bhi kathin lagta hai

Udna toh jaise khwab me bhi ab mumkin nahi

Sochta hun khud ko aks me dekhkr harwakt aajkal

Ye sakhs ko toh mai jaanta tha kabhi

Iske har pehlu ko pehchaanta tha kabhi

Fir aaj ye itna badal kaise gaya? 

Wakt k haatho ye itna sehem kaise gaya? 

Yun lagta hai maano

Masumiyat ab iske bichde kal k fasaaney ban gae

Kya itna mushkil hai khud ko khud jaisa rakh pana? 

Kya itna kathin hai, badaltey samay me khud ko pehle ki tarah samet pana? 

Shaayad haa!  bahaut kathin hai

Tabhi toh aaj bachpan ki wo tasveer dekhi 

Toh khud ko khil khila kar hasta dekh

Achambhit ho gaya! 

Kyuki ab toh haal ye hai , 

Ki mushkurana bhi tasveer lene se pehle

Kisi aur ko muje yaad dilana padta hai.. 


Tumse hi toh sikha hai! 

Wo diya dekh rahi ho

Aur usme jilmilati baati

Wo baati mai hun

Tel toh diye mein hamesha se hi kam tha

Haa par itna kam bhi nahi ki baati bujh jae

Par itna paryaapt bhi nahi ki har hawa k jhokho se wo lau lad jae

Haalanki hawao ka jokha hi sirf nahi kae aandhiya bhi aen

Sabne socha baati ka wajood mit jaeyega

Thodi der aandhi aur rahi toh ye diya bhi bujh jaeyega

Aur shaayad aisa ho hi jata

Gar tumhari di hui himmat na hoti toh

Baat ye nahi ki aaj kitna mila kitna gawaya

Shaayad ginti karne baithu toh hisaab me gawaaya hua kae zaada hi niklega

Aur jo bhi paaya wo dubtey ko tinkey sahaara matr hi lagega

Par jo bhi hai,  hai toh sahi… 

Gar poochogi ki kya itne ladaai ladh kar, lau thak nahi gae hai? 

Haa! thak toh gae hai

Par jazbaa kaayam rakhna toh tumse hi sikha hai

Mai tumhara kaha.. aur unkahaa sab sametey timtimati rahungi

Tel ki aakhri boond tak jalti rahungi

Andhera mere bujhne se pehle mere aas pass kabhi nahi hoga

Khud jal sabko raushni dena

Aakhir ye bhi toh tumse hi sikha hai..


Injustices against women & the laws against them!! 

Here are 8 frequent injustices that take place, especially against women, and the laws against them:

  • Eve Teasing: Sections 294 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) prohibit any individual or group of people pass any kind of offensive comment or execute any such gesture towards a girl of any age
  • Child Marriage: This is not just for girls. However, the incidents reported indicate towards the underage girls. The Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, prohibits a girl who is not 18 (age defined by the Hindu Marriage Act) to get married
  • Improper Police Procedure: Under the high court directive, every police station must have a lady officer, not of a post below that of Head Constable, available round-the-clock and the police shall also help the victim of sexual assault of any degree with counseling assistance and a woman cannot be arrested before sunrise or after sunset, however, exceptions can be made under the directive of the magistrate
  • Minimum Wage: According to the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, the Government of India has set minimum wages for every section of profession that must be paid to any skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers. 
  • Succession of Property: Under the clause of the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, any person who is entitled to be the heir of a property of ancestor, should get the property regardless of gender
  • Dowry: Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, says that if any one gives or receives or even helps the exchange, he or she will face a jail term five years or more and a fine of Rs 15,000 or the sum of dowry, whichever is more
  • Domestic Violence: This falls under Section 498A of the IPC. According to this law, any person can complain about any incident where a family member has offended him or her cruelly or with the intention of cruelty. This law is applicable for or against any member regardless of gender
  • Offensive Propaganda: The Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986, prohibits any individual or organisation to publish or help post, publish, exhibit or advertise – online or offline – any kind of representation of women that can be considered to be indecent.


For more legal talks, stay connected 🙂 

Live life beautifully…..