My new award!!


Hi guys! Here we are with another Blog Award! I’m so glad decided to tag me! She has a nice blog, full of colors and cute posts, you have to check it out!!!


Ok these are the rules:

* use the logo of the Award
* thanks the person who nominate you
* answer 10 question the person asked you
* nominate 10 blogs and notify them
* write 10 new questions for them


 1. Do you have a particular memory of your childhood you can remember better than any other? What is it, and Why? (the same)

Answer: Yes,  My first school Picnic , Oh my God it was a real fun because I was spending the whole day with my friends for the first time 🙂

2: . Do you have any particular obsessions?

Answer: I am obsessed with a Tv series ” Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah Chasma”

3:  If you can live anywhere in the world, where would you chose to be? And why?

Answer: I would love to get settled in Varanasi because I just love the city and its temples 🙂

4: What is the best place you have ever been to?

Answer: Mahabaleshwar

5: Which animal you fear the most?

Answer: Dogs

6: What did you want to be when you were a child?

Answer: Doctor and ended up being a lawyer 🙂

7: If you had a restaurant, how would you call it?

Answer: Nutanshree

8: What is your favorite food?

Answer: Masala Dosa

9: What is your favorite nail polish or makeup color?

Answer:  Cherry Red

My Questions:

1: What is your definition of a perfect husband?

2: What is your favorite hobby?

3: Your favorite Movie?

4: Your biggest achievement in life so far?

5: Your favorite song?

6: Your favorite Holiday spot?

7: At what age you met your first crush?

8: Your ideal relationship definition?

9: Your favorite Book?

10: What is that one quality which you love the most in your mother?

My Nomination

Prajakta (

Malvika ( )

Tommorow never dies

Hope you have fun! Bye!!!


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