When ever We come to know that Guests are coming to our place we often become tensed..lots and lots of questions starts coming into our mind like OMG I need to clean my house..shit Bathroom also…after all we cannot tell guests not to use them just because its Dirty..I mean not as clean as per their expectations.. hehe..but jokes apart we really start worrying about so many things the moment we come across this GUEST COMING TO VISIT OUR PLACE situation but one thing mostly we all face is WHAT TO SERVE THEM??? We all want to serve our best to the guests..but either gets confused so end up ordering food from outside or else serve them something really Cold drinks or lemonade in welcome drink..

Now no need to worry about what to serve  them because I am going to give you few Simple yet Stylish Recipes that You can make by yourself and please your Family as well as guests coming to your place. Since its summer time..lets start with one summer welcome drink.. How about a cold coffee with Chocolate syrup & Ice cream??? Sounds Fancy right..but its really easy to make.. lets see how?

Things needed to make Cold coffee with Chocolate syrup  Ice cream:

So three obvious things are Coffee, Ice cream & Chocolate syrup..

Things you will need to make cold coffee
Things you will need to make cold coffee

1 Blender

2 Milk

3 Sugar powder

4 Chocolate syrup

5 Choco chip ( Optional)

How to prepare??

Step 1

Take  milk in a container & boil it & then turn off the gas ( Quantity of milk depends upon number of glasses you want to make)

Step 2

Put sugar in the milk one tablespoon per glass ( Again depends upon your taste and the size of glass)

Powdered Sugar
Powdered Sugar

Step 3

Add coffee powder in the milk and stir well.

Step 4

After few minutes when milk comes down to normal temperature put the container into refrigerator.

Step 5

Mean while take a transparent serving glass and apply Chocolate syrup on it as shown in the picture below

Step 6

Take out the container rom the refrigerator after one hour.

This is the way you can put Chocolate syrup around the glass.
This is the way you can put Chocolate syrup around the glass.

Step 7

Take one blender and blend the mixture until you see foams appearing in it.

Step 8

Pour the coffee into the Glass.

Step 9

For garnishing apply a little bit of Chocolate syrup on the top of the liquid, put some choco chips and A scoop of Vanilla Ice cream in it.

Your Cold coffee with chocolate syrup & Ice cream is ready to serve.




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