How to make Tiramisu ( An Italian Desert)

We all Love desserts but very few of us really prefers to make one at home. We feel it is very difficult to make it tasty as well as presentable which I would definitely call a myth..with so many Ingredients available in Markets now a days and easily accessible recipes online, It has become just a few step away for anybody to prepare restaurant style food at home..but the one thing we should have for sure to cook something special is an URGE TO COOK.  So if you have that urge to create fantastic desserts from your very own hand and bring smile on your Children and Husbands face..Then here you are at the perfect place. Today I am going to tell you a recipe of a possibly most indulgent Italian Dessert ever created.

So, here is a quick and easy way to make Tiramisu ( An Italian Dessert) to impress your friends and family.


1: Three large eggs

2: 500 grams of Mascarpone cheese

3: Strong coffee

4: Thin cakes

5: One cup of Cognac

6: Powdered Cocoa

7: Sugar

Things needed to make Tiramisu.
Things needed to make Tiramisu.


1: Crack and make three large eggs into two different bowls (Use one bowl for the egg white and one for the yolk)

2: Whisk the egg yolks with an electronic beater and then gradually add sugar until the egg yolk becomes thick, creamy and light yellow in color.

3: Add 500 grams of Mascarpone in another bowl and give it a quick stir to loosen up.

4: mix the egg yolk and mascarpone together with an electronic beater.

5: Wash and dry your whisk and then whisk the egg whites until they form firm peaks. Continue the process until there is no lumps.

6: Put that mixture in in one side and make some strong espresso and let it cool.

7: Take a serving glass and put two thin cakes ( CHOCOLATE FLAVOR) in it and pour over two thirds of the Coffee mixture.

8: Put half of your egg mixture over the top of that, followed by a thick dusting of cocoa.

9: Dip some more thin Chocolate cake into the rest of your coffee mix and carefully place them over the top of the cocoa.

10: Empty the rest of your egg mixture over that and dust with cocoa again.

11: Leave it in your refrigerator for two hours.

12: Decorate it as per your Choice.

Your Tiramisu is ready to serve.




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