Recipe for Dry Pepper Chicken

Ingredients Required:

1: Chicken

2: One large Sized Onion

3: One Tomato ( For puree)

4: Garlic PiecesPicsArt_1440232965901

5: Ginger

6: Black Pepper

7: Green Chill

8: Dry red Chili

9: Cinnamon

10: Coriander Leaves

11: Cardamom

12: Laung

13: Capsicum


Step 1:

First Wash chicken properly and take it in a clean bowl.

Step 2:

Add pinch of Turmeric powder, salt, red chill powder, lemon juice in it and mix well


Step 3:

Keep the Bowl in refrigerator for Marination (20 min)


Step 4:

Prepare the masala.

For masala:

Grind  2 green chili, 1 small bark of  Cinnamon, 2 piece of  Cardamom, one small piece of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic in mixer grinder.


Step 5:

Now heat oil in a pan and add Jeera & dry red chili in it as shown in picture below.


Step 6:

Add the paste of masala we have just prepared along with finely chopped onion & Put a pinch of garam masala and dry coriander powder in it.


Step 7: 

Now add marinated Chicken in it along with black Pepper powder and capsicum as shown in picture below.


Step 8:

Cover the top with a lid for few minutes


Step 9:

Now add one tbsp of schezwan chutney ( Easily Available in market ), One tbsp Soya sauce in it.


Step 10:

Again cover the lid for few minutes.

Step 11:

Add pinch of Basil, Oregano and Mix herb in it and again cover the top of the kadhaai ( UTENSIL )


Step 12:

After some time add tomato puree & fresh coriander leaves along with salt as per your taste and  pinch of red chilli powder


Step 13:

When chicken becomes soft add half tbsp of apple cidar vinegar in it and one tbsp tomato ketchup.


Keep the chicken on high flame for two minutes and then turn off the stove.

Your Dry pepper chicken is ready to be served.



Do not add water while cooking, Keep the amount of pepper a little bit high than other spices.

You can also use curry leaves to get more Aromas and flavour in this dish 🙂



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