How to make Chuski/Gola at home?

For those of you who are fitness freaks and run from street food, but miss having Chatpati chuski/ Gola which was once your favorite childhood item, Now have it whenever you want that too without worrying about your health. Here I am giving you a very simple recipe to make Chuski at home with any flavor be it Kala khatta, Khus or Rose of your choice.

All you need to do is follow the step by step recipe given below and you are all set to enjoy your summer with the same chuski treat of your childhood.

I am sure your kids would love it, when you make it for them in a hot Sunday afternoon.

So let’s get started with a simple preparation, which demands simple ingredients and promises an awesome experience! Here’s what all you need and what you need to do.


  • Ice cubes (For one chuski you will need atleast 8-10 ice cubes)
  • Chuski mold or any small sized glass
  • Chuski holder or any wooden stick (Available in market)
  • Syrup to add flavors and colors (Available in market in wide range ,like Kala khatta, khus, Rose flavor etc)  


Step 1:

Take 8-10 ice cubes in mixer grinder 


Step 2:

Grind it until  ice gets crushed.


Step 3:

Take Kulfi mold or if you don’t have it then use small glass for this process.


Step 4:

Add crushed ice to the mold with the help of spoon .


Step 5:

Place one chuski holder or wooden stick in between the crushed ice in the mold and  keep on adding more ice around the stick.

So that the stick and ice gets firm together in the mold.

Step 6:

Now be quick and gently remove ice from the mold holding on the stick.

Be very Careful here, otherwise ice will loose it firmness and it can break into pieces.


Step 6:

Add flavors of your choice to it .

If you want you can add two flavors in the same chuski.

Add one by one using spoon or take out syrup in a glass and dip chuski into it.

This way also the ice will absorb the color and flavor.

Chuski/ Gola/ is ready.


Enjoy 🙂



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