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Dudhi ka Halwa

It is a very tasty and healthy halwa no less than Gajar ka Halwa made using grated Dudhi and khoya,  perfectly suitable for summer.

Let’s get started:

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Cham Cham Sweet Recipe

Cham cham is a traditional Bengali Sweet. It is prepared with freshly prepared chena (Home made Paneer). Few variations of the garnishings are to stuff with mawa/khoya or you can also just serve them with coconut garnish.

The recipe I am giving you here is from my mother’s Kitchen, I hope you would like it 🙂

Let’s get started:

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How to make Chuski/Gola at home?

For those of you who are fitness freaks and run from street food, but miss having Chatpati chuski/ Gola which was once your favorite childhood item, Now have it whenever you want that too without worrying about your health. Here I am giving you a very simple recipe to make Chuski at home with any flavor be it Kala khatta, Khus or Rose of your choice.

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Bread Sheera (Sweet Dish)


Bread, cut into small pieces.


Cardamom powderPicsArt_10-09-07.20.24




Vanilla flavored Custard powder




Step 1

Heat oil in Kadhaai and deep fry bread pieces until they becomes crunchy and then keep them aside.



Step 2

Add one tbsp of ghee in a container and fry raisins and Cashew nuts in it.


Step 3

Add boiled milk to the same kadhaai where we have fried cashew and raisins along with milk and cream in it, then add cardamom powder,, Vanilla flavored custard powder and one small bowl of sugar, let it boil.


Step 4

Add fried bread pieces to the milk and mash them into the milk mixture properly.


Step 5

Boil the mixture for few minutes on a low flame until milk becomes thick.

Bread Sheera is ready.


Garnish with dry fruits and add fried bread pieces as a topping on it.