Makhane ki Kheer !!

 In Mithila culture of Mithilanchal, makhana known as Makhaana in Maithili is an auspicious ingredient in offerings to the Goddesses during festivals and is also used to make a delicious and healthy Kheer. The recipe for which is given under 🙂


  1. Foxnuts (Makhana)
  2. Milk half litrePicsArt_09-09-10.55.10
  3. Sugar ( As per taste )
  4. Cardamom ( 2 piece )
  5. Vanilla flavored Custard Powder,Half tbsp mixed with one tbsp milk 
  6. Raisins ( 10 pieces )
  7. Cashew nut (10 pieces )


Step 1

Boil Milk in a container

Step 2

Fry Makhana in a kadhaai using ghee


Step 3

Add boiled milk to the Kadhaai


Step 4

Add sugar as per taste


Step 5

Grind cardamom and add it to the kadhaai


Step 6

Add vanilla flavored Custard powder


Step 7

Cook the kheer on a low flame for 15 minutes

Keep on stirring well.

Step 8

Garnish with dry fruits

Makhaana kheer is ready, Refrigerate for half an hour and serve chilled.




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