The 100th Blog Post By LifeMyntras !!

Today I am very happy while writing this 100th post for my Blog.


The journey so far was very interesting and exciting.

When I have started this blog few months back, I did not know It will become an integral part of my life , Now I feel like Damini and LifeMyntras are inseparable.

My very first blog post was ” My journey to gods own country” which was like a foundation stone for my blog. My first article was appreciated by many people, and from that I got confidence to write more and more.

Few of my Favorite blog posts link are given under, You can give it a read if you have not done it so far 🙂

This 100th post will not be completed without thanking all my lovely followers and supporters, without them this journey would not have been possible 🙂 Thanks a lot friends for your love and support.

I promise you that LifeMyntras will keep on bringing smile to your face and awesomeness in your life.

Hope to reach many more milestones in coming future 🙂




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