The Soul will go beyond..

Whenever I sit Alone

One question for my Soul ,

My mind always brought

“How to bring Positivity in our Thoughts”

When all the ways of life are Distraught

And Ray of Hope seems to be lost

How to Boost one self to bring the Positive Thought?

Negativity is all that surrounds

Leaving people Stressful and Worries that Commands..

Sometime they scream, Sometimes Cry

Sometimes wonder Why they are living, They should die..

And In all their negative thought, There is no one to ask..

What is the reason?

Why they are feeling so?


In all their agony, In all their pain

Even Knowing there is no gain

They continue to be stressed

Because, Negativity is all that they find on their life’s Desk

Ray of hope flaunts sometimes

Giving power to cope up with all the problems

They have in their Life

But, as soon as they look into themselves

They begin to Worry again

For the life that has negativity all around & Nothing left..

But, In one corner of their depressed thoughts

They know,

One day..

They will be free from all the worries & Pain

But, That would be too late..

As they will be facing the Life after death

The Soul will go beyond all the boundaries of the past life

Leaving the time behind

Which has given nothing to their Mind


Negativity all through their life..



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