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Your beauty!! 

Beauty comes from within

Beauty comes from soul

It doesn’t only defines diamonds 

It can also be seen in coals

It’s not just what you appear 

Its also the efforts you put to make all your weakness disappear

Its not only how you see yourself in the mirror 

It’s also how you stand tall improvising all your past error

It’s how you conduct yourself ,

And what you perceive

It’s all about the values afterall you  conceive 

It’s a mindset on which you have all the controls

Not letting people’s opinion to enroll

It’s about the confidence you carry 

The pride you wear 

It’s about how you marry your intellect and beauty well 

Its your confidence in yourself that makes your personality 

Just a pretty face can never be an absolute identity 

So let yourself define your beauty 

And never let your beauty define you

As you are beautiful in your own unique ways

Because beauty is not only defined by a beautiful  face. 

-Damini Shah 


Hand in Hand..

When you know things are out of your hand

When you think you are loosing control

And that you are feeling sad

When you look into the mirror 

And hush! What is happening?

You feel somewhere or the other

You are getting nothing

Sometime you will feel confused

The other time you may be shocked

You may wonder what to do

To keep the show on

With all these stressful thoughts

Just before the moment you feel like quitting

Not wanting to give another shot

Come to me..

I am here!

I am not saying

I am Confident and good

But I promise you

I will always be standing beside you

Like I always stood

It may not help you to overcome the challenges

That you need to face

But it will surely help you

In many other ways

Be it the taste of sucess

Or the pain of failure

Whatever it may be

But I am always there

Standing by your side

Cherishing and captivating 

Each moment with you

As (My) only treasure

As (Our) only treasure..





You know you are trapped

When you move

But not reach anywhere

You know you are trapped

When the roads you take

Leads always to the end

You know you are trapped

When you do things

What you did the last day

And the day before that

You know you are trapped

When you speak but not your mind

You know you are trapped

When you think

But not conclude

You know you are trapped

When you look

But not observe

You know you are trapped

When you meet someone

And get lost in thoughts

You know you are trapped

When you smile

But never laugh

You know you are trapped

When you touch

But cannot feel

You know you are trapped

When you listen a song

But not understand the lyrics

You know you are trapped

When you write

But only the negatives

You know you are trapped

When your dreams

Are not anymore what you visualise

But it’s just what you see at night

You know you are trapped

All trapped.. 

In so many pre-conceived notions

In your fears, In your past

In your pain, in your worries

In your head , in your soul

You are trapped and You know it…






Kuch kami si hogi!!

Ho agar jahaa bhar ki Khushiyaan

Jholi mein meri

Fir bhi un khushiyon mein

Kuch Khalis si hogi

Bhar jaae bhaley taaron se

Kyun na aanchal ye mera

Fir bhi ek koney mein dil k kahin

Amaavashya si hogi

Chahey din ho jagmagatey roshni se liptey hue

Par raat toh wahi andhyaarey mein hogi

Ho jahaan bhar ki khushiyaan kyun na jholi mein meri

Fir bhi un khushiyon mein kuch kami si hogi..




An empty self!!

Life goes on!

Is all we know

But little do we understand

Wounds never heal

Time passes

Memories fades

But pain from the past

Resides in  forever

Fragrance in air of present

May bring freshness for a while

But stains of blood on the desk of Past life

Never disappears

Years from then might have passed

When One had left one alone

But  little did they know

They are Leaving someone standing on the path

Which leads nowhere but to an empty self

And a heart which is now an abandoned place

To dump only hatred and nothing else..

-Damini Shah