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Ice-Cream Serving

We all love ice cream Right??? It’s something we all look forward to have as soon as summer arrives. So, let’s  make our ice cream not only  delicious in taste but also delicious looking by adding some interesting toppings on it which are very easily available in market. 

Let’s get started

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How to make Chuski/Gola at home?

For those of you who are fitness freaks and run from street food, but miss having Chatpati chuski/ Gola which was once your favorite childhood item, Now have it whenever you want that too without worrying about your health. Here I am giving you a very simple recipe to make Chuski at home with any flavor be it Kala khatta, Khus or Rose of your choice.

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Cucumber Mint Aqua Fresca

When summer is around, One thing we all love is summer cooler drinks, be it Juices, Lemonade or Shakes. Any of these when serve chilled feels like heaven on earth.

So, let’s add on more name to our summer drinks category and that is the Aqua fresca drink made up of Cucumber and fresh mint leaves.

Easy to prepare and very refreshing. It also helps in re hydration and it’s a very good appetizer also as it contains cucumber.

So, let’s get started 🙂

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Chikoo Milkshake

The origin of this fruit is in Mexico and Caribbean. Thanks to Spaniards who bought this fruit to Indian sub-continent. And there after it become a native fruit that everyone loves in India.

Image from wikipedia

This fruit is the value for money fruit ever. I consider banana and chikoo a “volksfrucht” a true people’s fruit that everyone can afford. You go anywhere in India: on street, in train, in bus stops you will find a vendor with a handcart selling chikoo.







.Chocolate Syrup

.Choco chips (Optional)

Few Health Benefits Of Chikku Or Chikoo

  1. Chikoo is naturally sweet due to natural sugar fructose and sucrose and hence its energetic too.
  2. This fruit is one of the cheapest fruits available in India. Everyone can afford this delicious healthy fruit.
  3. It has natural dietary fiber and roughage that helps improving tummy health and fight with constipation and other digestion related problems.
  4. Chikoo is consider to be good for lactating mother due to essential nutrients and carbohydrate. It helps in pregnancy by overcoming nausea and dizziness.
  5. This fruit has a lot of minerals including calcium, iron and phosphorous. Hence its good for bones and helps in strengthening them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PREPARATIONS:                                                                                                    
    1. Remove the skin of Chikoo properly.
    2. Cut the chikoo in quarters and remove the seeds.
    3. Put chikoo in a Container and add milk. PicsArt_02-08-08.33.59
    4. Add cashews, Sugar and blend the mixture properly using an electric blender. PicsArt_02-08-08.34.45
    5. Chikoo milkshake is ready. Pour the milkshake in serving glasses, Decorate with Chocolate syrup and choco chips and serve chilled.PicsArt_02-08-08.38.57