Coconut Kalakand (Sweet)

This is a delicious sweet made with Chhena (Home made fresh Paneer) and shredded coconut. Pure and perfect for after dinner sweet dish 🙂

Let’s get started



  • Chhena (Home made fresh Paneer)
  • Shredded Coconut fried in ghee and two tbsp sugar
  • Mithai Mate (Condensed Milk)
  • Dry fruits of your choice
  • Sugar (According to your taste)
  • Cardamom powder
  • Ghee
  • Oil (For greasing)
  • Rose water mixed in soaked saffron water (OPTIONAL)


Step 1:

Make Chhena from 1 litre milk and keep it aside.


Step 2:

Heat a pan add ghee and fry shredded coconut in it adding 2-3 tbsp sugar in it. Keep it aside.

Step 3:

Heat a pan add ghee, Add Chhena and cardamom powder in it. Fry until color turns golden brown.


Step 4:

Add One cup milk, sugar( According to your taste) and shreeded coconut in it.


Step 5

Add Condensed milk/ Mithai mate in it( Approximately 6-7 spoon)


Step 6:

Add half tbsp rose water mixed in soaked saffron water (Optional)

If you don’t want to add colors to the sweet then skip this step.


Saffron will bring nice yellow color and Rose water will add nice fragrance to the sweet.

Step 7:

Keep on stirring the mixture on a low flame until chhena hardens up a bit.


Step 8:

Grease oil in a plate/Tray


Step 9:

Spread the chhena mixture on it


Step 10:

Keep the mixture aside for one hour

Step 11

Garnish it with chopped dry fruits of your choice and cut it into square or any size you want.


Coconut Kalakand is ready.


PicsArt_03-14-08.07.41   PicsArt_03-14-08.11.49



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