An Article on Being Social!!

Today I am really having an urge from some where deep down my heart to write about Negativity I see in the people around me.There are many people who are in the captivity of Negativity which never let them appreciate anything about anybody resulting into criticizing everything for the reason only known to them. They start hating people and Ultimately ends up people hating them. That is the way actually their negative mind force them to live their life and I am really clueless most of the times thinking, What they get doing all this?? After all Why any body would provoke people to hate them? Why is it so difficult to Behave Cordially With people now a days, After all Human Being is a social animal is what we all are listening since we were a kid then After growing up, Why it becomes So difficult to digest this simple fact for most of us? Why we are becoming slave of our own negative thoughts? What makes us to do so? Is the problem really residing in others or its in our own self? Why we are getting surrounded by Negative thoughts?


These are Really few questions to be concerned about, Because this negative thoughts if not restricted from Occurring in our self, One day will result into extinction of the sweet and positive words like hope, Faith, Belief, politeness,kindness, Appreciation,Happiness etc from Human dictionary. How Shameful that would be to live a life like a Robot? With no emotions Inside us. When thinking about these issues one really nice thought comes into my mind which I have read some where..

To BE KIND is more important than to be right.

Many Times, What People need is NOT 

A brilliant mind that Speaks

But a SPECIAL HEART that Listens.

The above quotation is absolutely so Right, But how many of us really follow this or use our heart while dealing with others? Day by day as Family size is getting narrowed, so the same is happening with the emotional sides also.
Now my Question is Why to behave rudely with people for simply no reason? Why it is so difficult to Say few kind words,or to greet people with a smile? I don’t think Smile cost any thing..Does they? Is it so damn difficult that people are ignoring this sweet gestures of “Being Social”. Where are we heading friends? Then What is the use of All our Knowledge and Educational Qualifications when we are forgetting those important lessons which we have learnt during our childhood days? This life is not given just to think about our own self, Realize this fact as soon as possible.

The purpose of life is not to be selfish all the time. I am not saying don’t think about yourself, All I am saying is try to be sympathetic with the people around you as much as you can, or at least, If you cannot solve their problems, be kind to them and don’t make fun out of them, Always remember not to criticize people also if you cannot appreciate them at times. Following these simple things in life, will not cost anything to you rather in return you can earn True friends for life time who will be standing besides you no matter what happens. Then what is the problem in bringing change in your self?

We all know that those who spend their time looking for the Faults in others, Usually make no time to correct their own. So, why to enroll your self among those Fault seekers, Why not be a person everybody loves to meet? Think about all these questions I raised in this article and try to find out their answers not through your mind but through your heart .

Hence Ending my article with a very useful note:

Try to Be like Somebody..

You will always love to meet!!

I hope this article will at least evoke you to think about your behavior towards others & May Help you to rectify mistakes you have discovered in yourself while reading it..



16 thoughts on “An Article on Being Social!!”

  1. The best I read today. I always tell people to be surrounded by the people who can lift u up . but there are people who will hate u criticize you . but then if u keep worrying about that who is controlling ur emotions?? So I don’t want u to be victim. Bother less about people who spread negativity. Focus on ur strengths and keep doing but good work

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