Why? Few questions for one self!

Why We expect things from others?

Even knowing They will not fulfill our desires.

Why We keep on thinking about them?

Even knowing we are no where in their Thoughts.

Why We keep on doing things for them?

Even knowing they hardly care for Us.

Why we keep on Loving them?

Even knowing They hate Us.

Why we keep on Wishing them Luck?

Even knowing They don’t need our Prayers.

Why We care for them Dawn to Dusk?

Even knowing They never Cared.

Why we keep on searching them in all our happiness?

Even knowing they Don’t even Care our presence.

Why We keep on Listening them?

Even knowing our words are always Ignored.

Why We always smile for them?

Keeping Loads of tears inside

Still always there to Console them,

Whenever they are in Pain…

-Damini Shah



2 thoughts on “Why? Few questions for one self!”

  1. Well, this poem most certainly asks a very good and i might add timeless question. If we had an answer, perhaps there would be less pain in the world, or perhaps there is not supposed to be an answer: maybe the fact that we continue to love others, despite –in spite of –how little they care or think about us, is the entire point – to life as well as to this poem. Maybe the fact of love in the world, whether “requited” or not, is all that matters.

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