My Blog Story!!

Hello dear! First of all let me thank you for stopping here, I hope you will enjoy a happy stay in my small world of LifeMyntras 🙂

I am Damini Shah from Bengaluru, a blogger, freelance vastu consultant ,content writer, a kathak dancer and last but not the least LLB Student, but don’t worry this story is not about my qualifications and achievement list, I just gave you my introduction as a courtesy (You know) 😉.

Here I am sharing with you the story behind my blog “LifeMyntras”. It is basically a food blog but the name doesn’t depict that clearly, that’s because this blog is not only about cooking. You will also find collection of poetry, DIY crafts, photography & read on’s here, in case you are interested in them and not in my food recipes 🙂 




I post simple yet useful recipes here which are easy to prepare and doesn’t burn a hole in anybody’s pocket. Also I don’t prefer lengthy cooking processes, So whatever I create is always  a quick prepare. My mantra of cooking is “Effortless & Quick cooking” which means I never spend more than an hour in kitchen, & still finish cooking delicious food every time. Now there is a reason behind this theory of mine (Spending only one hour in kitchen at a time i.e 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour at night) So, the theory goes like this, I was born in a nuclear family, My home comprised of only three members Me, my mom and my dad. I have a elder brother too but by the time I was born he was already away from home staying in a hostel for his studies.

So ever since I started noticing I always saw my mother spending almost all her days in the kitchen either cooking or cleaning something. She hardly used to get time for herself & for enjoying “Her” Life, which is something not good for anybody. I never liked the idea of women spending most of their time in kitchen, I don’t know why, but seriously I hate seeing this. I mean why not find a way to make things easier? Why to complicate this whole idea of working in kitchen? Keeping this old hatred of mine in mind I seriously adopted the idea of being a quick worker. When my time of cooking as an every day job came into my life, one thing I clearly decided to follow is “More work in less time” Now this helps me in a lot of ways, I get enough time for my College, Studies, Blog writing, Dance rehearsals, attending my Gym and Zumba sessions, enjoying my favorite shows on television & most important I get sufficient amount of time to spend with my husband. 


When I got married, I seriously din’t know much about cooking . I mean I could make few basic dishes but nothing interesting or presentable.

Then how come now I am a food blogger??? This is exactly what you must be wondering right??

Actually I am a highly optimistic person, I see opportunities in every situation of life & take life as a learning & improving lesson everyday. So, when I got married & cooking became an integral part of my life as I had to cook at least twice a day that’s when I decided I would not do it just for the sake of doing. So I transformed this ROUTINE of my life into my new HOBBY which helped me in not only doing this craft perfectly everyday but also I started enjoying doing it. And the moment you start enjoying and loving what you do, takes you to an another level of satisfaction in life. The same happened with me too.
But all this took a while, & just like any other person I too needed support & encouragement for this new phase of my life which I got from my husband. He was like a sweet caring guardian beside me in my entire process of learning. He always encouraged me to cook not just to feed our stomach but to feed my soul. Not a single day passes when he doesn’t compliment me for my cooking even if I prepare same dish twice some times the same day 🙂


After intensive learning  for over two years and getting compliment from almost every guest who visited my home for my food, I decided to start this blog.

My motive behind the recipes I post here is very simple. I just want to help those girls out there who suffered like me with no body to teach them how to cook practically or for those who wants to cook not just for satisfying hunger but for enhancing the eating experience for them & their family. I also want to spread the idea of cooking as an art and hobby to all those people who wants to learn cooking skills but has no body from whom they can actually learn the basics, something that I faced, as my mother passed away, way before I even thought of cooking. So, I had to learn every thing on my own which was not at all easy.

My interest in learning new things & desire to become a good cook just like my mother in order to serve my family the love of food she used to serve, helped me to be motivated. But as the saying goes there is no ending to a process called LEARNING. So, I am still learning everyday & I believe in being a learner through out my life as there is so much to learn in this world.

On this note here comes the end of my Blog story, for those who made till end THANKS A TON for having such patience to go through the full description  😉



Keep loving “LifeMyntras” & Keep Living your Life Beautifully 🙂




59 thoughts on “My Blog Story!!”

  1. hey hi…!!!
    🙂 thanks for the stop on my blog, which led me to you..!!
    So you have a whole package out there .. 😀
    – .. reading .. Home decor.. Poetry n a Dancer too 🙂
    Anyways stay smiling and glad to be connected..!! 🙂

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  2. Hi. I could not find any contact info on your blog. We are a content syndication company and are organizing a food blogger’s meet in Bangalore for a large brand. I’d like to invite you for the same. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. I look forward to your reply. Thanks..


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