Banana Cassata Ice cream

This is a very simple recipe where you can pair bananas with your favorite flavor of ice cream and with little bit presentation, You can end up making a delicious dessert. So, let’s get started πŸ™‚



3 medium sized bananas (Sliced)

Ice cream Vanilla/ Strawberry

Caster Sugar

Strawberry Whole crush syrup


Chocolate Syrup

4 tbsp milk

Custard powder


Step 1:

Mix custard powder with 4 tbsp milk .

Blend bananas with custard milk until it becomes smooth in texture.

If you feel bananas are not sweet enough then you can also add little sugar to the blender according to your taste.


Step 2:

Deep refrigerate bananas for two hours.

Step 3

After two hours take the refrigerated bananas out from the freezer and mix half of it with ice cream (Vanilla/ Strawberry)

Put the mixture in a bowl then add one scoop of more frozen banana paste and a cube of ice cram to it as shown in the picture below.

For Dressing:

Add Strawberry whole syrup, Chocolate syrup. fresh cut banana slices and caster sugar on it.

Banana Cassata Ice cream is ready πŸ™‚



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