Tea Time Snack

It is a very easy and tasty recipe, You can serve it with tea.

All you need is Maska Chaska or monaco buiscuits which is easily available in market.


. Maska Chaska/ Monaco buiscuits (I am using Maska Chaska here)

. Tamarind chutney/ Tomato ketchup/ Coriander chutney (Any one of these will do)


. Chopped onions

. Chopped tomatoes

. Butter

. Coriander leaves

. Chaat masala

. Haldiram plain bhujiya


Step 1

Apply chutney over the buiscuits whichever chutney you are using.


Step 2

Put chopped onions, chopped tomatoes, coriander leaves at the top of the biscuit along with butter as shown in the picture below.


Step 3

Keep it in microwave for 30 seconds or if you want then 20 seconds will also do.


Step 4

Garnish with bhujiya and serve with tea.



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