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Cucumber-Mint Chutney

A very tasty and refreshing Chutney made in a minute using two main ingredients that is grated cucumber and fresh mint leaves. Goes well with rice-dal or roti. Perfect for hot summer days to give a refreshing cool twist to lunch or dinner.

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Chicken with Chinese style gravy

We all love Chinese style gravy, be it with Chicken or Cottage Cheese. But the problem with Chinese style cooking is that one needs to first deep fry the main ingredients applying a coat of corn starch in it which many of us doesn’t like as deep frying is unhealthy.

Here I am giving you a recipe which taste exactly like Chinese style but is not unhealthy at all as we gonna use boil chicken here instead of a frying one. The rest process of making gravy will also require a very less amount of oil. So now you can enjoy the dish without any guilt and worries.

So.let’s get started 🙂

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Pumpkin Khichdi

Khichdi is a staple food in India. In every household once in a week Khichdi is prepared. So, let’s  make the Khichdi more tastier by adding Kadima (Pumpkin) to it, This is the way actually Khichdi is prepared in Bihar and Bengal specially during summer season because it is a very comforting lunch in hot summer days as it keeps stomach cool and when accompanied with raita , it becomes more soothing for stomach also Kadima makes Khichdi a lot more tastier.

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