Butter Garlic Naan

Why to depend on restaurants for having your favorite Garlic naan, when you can make it by yourself at home that too without using Tandoor.

Yes, following this recipe you can make amazingly delicious butter garlic naan at home on tava.

Note: Use iron tava for this recipe, non stick tava will not do. Why? You will find it later..Keep reading 🙂



  • One cup All purpose flour (Maida)
  • Wheat flour (For patting the dough)
  • White til
  • Chopped coriander leaves, half cup
  • Yogurt, 5 tbsp
  • Sugar for taste
  • Sugar, half tbsp
  • Baking soda (Quantity according to the amount of dough you are making)
  • Chopped garlic, 4 tbsp
  • Butter (For Garnishing)
  • Oil (For kneading)
  • Luke warm water (For kneading)


Step 1:

Take a bowl add APF (Maida), pinch of baking soda, Salt, half tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp oil and knead the dough properly using Luke warm water.


Step 2

The dough is ready, So wrap it with a cling wrap or dammed cloth and keep it aside for one hour.



Step 3

After one hour take the dough, and knead it again for two minutes.




Step 4

Roll the dough using a rolling pin and add white til on it. Spread the til throughout the  flatten dough


Step 5

Mix Coriander leaves and chopped garlic in a bowl and spread it on the flatten dough.


Step 6

Pat one side of the flatten dough with water, it will help in cooking.


Step 7

Now the side which we patted with water,keep that side on tava and cook on a low flame for two minutes until the flatten dough becomes bit hard.


Step 8

Press it with fingers as shown in the picture above, So, that the naan get stick to the tava properly. Also it helps to get a smooth surface of naan.

Step 9:

Now turn the tava and cook the other remaining side of the naan directly under heat

This is the reason why we used iron tava, So that the naan stick to it properly which will not happen if we use non stick tava.


Step 10

Keep on rotating the tava to cook the naan evenly from all sides. Keep the heat on a medium flame throughout.


Once the color of the naan turns golden brown, turn off the stove and take the naan out of the tava.


Both sides of the naan is cooked now.


Step 11

Apply butter and chopped coriander leaves on it and your Butter garlic naan is ready 🙂


Goes really well with Chhole chana or Chicken/ Paneer gravy etc.




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