Team CountryRoads

Mushkil nahi falak tak pahauchna un logon k liye

Ho seenay mein josh aur ankhon mein junnon

Jinkey kuch paaney k liye.

Ban toh jatey hai sakht Patharo pe bhi nishaan 

Gar samundaron k ufaan mein ho chaahat 

Chattano k chot ka jawaab tabiyat se deney k liye…

-Damini Shah

These above lines perfectly describes the latest achievement of our team “CountryRoads” whose Documentary movie has been awarded for the best Documentary movie of the Year by an award event organised by Yes Foundation in Mumbai. The team got admired by famous Bollywood Industry persons who were present at the event like , Prerana langa (CEO YES FOUNDATION), Dylan gray (dylan’s script ..the last day of winter), Vidya Balan, Vikas bahl (director of movie, queen) and Meghna gulzar(director of movie, talvar).

FB_IMG_1454563709912  FB_IMG_1454563721433



This is  just the beginning and  I wish many more opportunities and recognition to come ahead by the Blessings of God and yes definitely by the continuous efforts and  hard work of the team and specially by the Director Mr. Sumit Sinha who is an immensely talented and dedicated artist.

Mr. Sinha posing with the fellow team member with the award 🙂

The Upcoming movie of the team named “The Untitled” is based on the story of tribal people of Jharkhand known as ‘Birhor Community”.

Team with People of the Birhor tribe

The releasing date of the movie is not yet declared but seeing the teaser, one can easily say, it’s going to be as entertaining as their previous works.



Wishing the team good luck for all the upcoming ventures and hope to see many more achievements in future as well 🙂

-Damini Shah ( Blogger at Team CountryRoads)






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