Hey friends today I am going to tell you Recipe of water melon juice which you can make by yourself at home.It will impress your guests as well as help you in keeping yourself re-hydrated this summer season. So,lets not waste any more time & see how you can make it following few simple steps:

Things you will need to make the water melon juice are:


1 Water melon

2 Lemon( Optional)

3 Blender

4 Sugar

5 Black salt

6 Honey

7 Seed separator

8 Mixer grinder/ juicer

Step 1

Take one water melon cut it into two half.

Step 2

Cut the two halves of the watermelon into small pieces.

Step 3

Separate seeds from it as much as possible.

Step 4

Take sugar in a bowl and grind it in mixer

and convert it into powder as shown in the picture

Step 5

Put pieces of watermelon into mixer grinder/ juicer & extract the juice out of it.

step 6

If seeds are still present in the juice Use Seperator & seperate them.

Step 7

Add powdered sugar into the juice and mix well.

Step 8

Take the glass in which you want to pour the juice and apply icing sugar on the top of the glass using honey.

Step 9

Add black salt and lemon in the juice mixture (OPTIONAL) PicsArt_1428392546999[1]

Step 10

Pour the juice in the glass carefully without making the icing sugar wet.

Step 11

For garnishing put one piece of watermelon on the top of the glass as shown in picture.

Now put the glass into refrigerator and serve it after it gets cool..

Water melon juice is ready to serve.
Water melon juice is ready to serve.

Your Water melon juice is ready to serve.




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