Being What She’s Not!

Being What She’s not

Is not a preconceived thought

It’s Something She is Stuck to live with

The Harsh truth of her life..

Not any Vapid Myth

This is not a story of

Today or Tomorrow

But about a Grievous hurt & Sorrow

Whenever She Sees herself

In the mirror..

It reflects a women

She’s Definitely not

A women who never set to live

Willingly her life,

And Tied with a thorny Knot

What She has, is lots of

Restrictions Imposed

No matter how much she tries

Neither She gets Freedom

Nor the Thornes gets disposed

All She can do is nothing,

But Keep herself Quite

Never Raise against the evil

Even a Voice Slight..

Bear the pain

Shatter all her Dreams

Let all the days of life,

Go in Vain

Now the question is

How long Can she live lifelessly?

Suppressing Enormous Desires

And Combating the Struggling Life Stoutly..

-Damini Shah


7 thoughts on “Being What She’s Not!”

  1. “How long Can she live lifelessly?” That is the main question, and i believe that in most cases you must break free and FIND YOUR LIFE, create it for yourself, if it is not simply offered to you. The poem by Rainer Maria Rilke called, “The Archaic Torso of Apollo” which ends with the line, “You must change your life…” has been very important to me in this regard.

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  2. Women is the creator of this universe..Women is the sole power because of whom, human and humanity exists..still some part of the world does not understand the importance of Women’s existence.
    Great work..lucky to come across this article..

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