Tadka Moong Dal Khichdi !!


Rice 1 cup

Moong Dal half cup

One medium sized onionPicsArt_1441183763666

One chili

Garlic 2 piece

Half chopped carrot

Red dry chili

Cumin seeds

Mustard seeds

Garam masalaIMG_4348

Red chili powder




Step 1

Put rice and moong dal in pressure cooker, add water and salt in it.

Remember, I have not added turmeric powder in this recipe, But if you wish you can add.

Cook for 15 minutes.


Step 2

After 6 whistle, turn the stove off.

Step 3

Take the cooked khichdi in a container


Step 4

Preparation of Seasoning:

Step 1

Put ghee in a pan and add pieces of garlic, Chopped onion, Chopped carrot, Red chili, Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, Dry red chili, Pinch of red chili powder and Gram masala in it.


Step 2

When the mustard seeds starts to crackle turn off the stove.

Step 3

Mix the Tadka to the Khichdi.


Tadka Moong dal Khichdi is ready.

Serve hot with Raita, Papad and Pickle 🙂




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