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For yourself!! 

We all know how important our loved ones are to us. Without them and their support life seems very sad and difficult. We all try our best to keep them happy and satisfied. Everyday we do things which make them feel special and indicate how much they mean to us. But how many of us do things which makes ourselves happy? How many of us try to take some time from our busy schedule to do stuffs which is important for us?

We so much indulge ourselves in doing things for others  that we completely forget about our own existence. I am not saying to be ignorant towards their needs & become selfish, all I am saying is to think about your own self also. Take time for your hobby, spend some quality time in your own company. Trust me this will only going to help you in building a more strong bond with your loved ones because when you are happy, you definitely will spread more happiness.

Taking care of ourself is very important. Read some novel, dance on your favourite song, exercise for your better health, cook something delicious, watch your favourite  show on television. Whatever your favourite thing is, just do it for a definite amount of time everyday just like a “must to do thing”.

Satisfying your loved ones need is important but while doing that don’t ignore yours. Your life is “Yours”, and you are responsible for your own happiness. So don’t ignore those things which makes you happy. 

After all  “A happy You, will make others happy too” 

-Damini Shah


Key to happiness!! 

The most important thing in life is “Happiness”. It is priceless, Lack of it makes ones life worthless. So its very important to attract tons of happiness on a daily basis.  Here are the top five ways to do it.

  • Love yourself & always count your blessings. 
  • Don’t overthink. 
  • Take good care of yourself  emotionally, physically and mentally. 
  • Celebrate even the smallest achievement of yours. 
  •  Be faithful to people who matters to you. 

Following these above mentioned list of things ,You can achieve happiness every day. 

Stay happy.. Always

-Damini Shah 

How to achieve peace in life? 

Nothing can bring you Peace but yourself!!

Having peace in mind and heart doesn’t mean there is no noise, no anger, no hurt, it simply means to have all these but still manage to get away with these emotions when it’s no longer needed to hold on. Holding on things doesn’t help at all. The only way to help yourself is to learn how to control your reactions on things that are not in your control. 

No one is born perfect, no one can achieve perfection even after trying for their whole life because we are humans. We are binded with emotions and emotions keeps creating disbalance in ones life and hence the person cannot be perfect in every spheres.  So achieving complete peace  is an impossible task. But that doesn’t mean we should  stop trying. We should practice the habit of being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings and stop trying to control things in life which can never  be in our control. The only way one can achieve a calm mind, is by achieving a calm heart. Don’t let your fear, anger, mood swings affect your inner peace. Don’t let the outer world create disbalance in your inner world, in your soul..

Practice to avoid things that are not important and start focusing on things that are.. This is the simplest way to achieve peace in life.  So from now don’t associate yourself with things which are not worth to be associated with, like your bad experiences in past. Start counting your blessings and you will see how it will help you to be at peace with the person you see in the mirror every time you look into it 🙂


Write India season 2

Launched last year with 11 leading Indian authors, Write India is a unique platform where  inspiration, encouragement and evaluation of good writing is provided with the help of established authors.

An unprecedented crowd-sourced short story contest, Write India attracts people of all ages and professions and has already turned many dreams into reality. Of the 111 winners declared for Season 1, 33 have already been printed, while many others are in the process of being published. Embarking on second season, it is all set to uncover more of India’s story-telling potential with a panel of 10 star authors! 


1. What is Write India?

Write India is a collaborative writing initiative by Times Internet, which will have a set of 10 celebrity authors writing the passage of short stories. These passages will be later opened to public for completion. Every month we will select one winner from the entries received with the help of the ‘Celebrity Author of the Month’.

2. Till when can I submit my entries?

The contest closes on 30th of every month.

3. Can I write for more than one or all authors?

Yes everyone is welcome to participate for all authors. Every entry for each author will be considered on merit.

4. How should I submit my entries?

You can upload your entry to

For more FAQ visit:

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The hunt for India’s fresh writing talents has already begun with The Write India Campaign 2.
Times Internet, and star authors like Jeffrey Archer and Ruskin Bond, are all set to uncover India’s story-telling potential in the 2nd season of Write India campaign.
Times Internet’s flagship news platform has launched the Write India campaign Season 2 to uncover India’s immersive story-telling potential.

As it is already proven, the Write India is an unprecedented crowd-sourced short contest for which Times of India sets up an eclectic line-up of world-renowned authors to inspire, encourage and evaluate budding writers and amateurs.

Hurry up guys submit your entries 🙂


Source: Times of India


A conversation with SELF!!

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you feel you have completely lost hold on your thoughts?

When you know , what is haunting you is only present inside your head and nothing of it can ever happen in real life but still you do not give any shit about it and constantly keep on thinking the worst that can happen with you

Have you ever felt the need to just stop manipulating your own thought process and start to think nothing at all?

Have you ever wished to just not worry about anything around you and just focus on what you want to do rather than thinking what needs to be done?

If this is the scenario going inside your head then you are in a real conflict with your own self

You have fallen a prey of your own created illusions which is so daunting that you are barely breathing now.

It needs to be stopped, Right now Right here, otherwise you will lose everything you have worked really hard on for so many years.

You will loose the battle of this life to the biggest enemy of yours which is none other than YOUR OWN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS..

Don’t let this happen, You have not come this way long to loose everything once again.

Get up do something about it. Do not become puppet of your thoughts rather try to channelize them into something helpful which can support you in all the tough times.

No body can do anything for you. You are your biggest helper. Help yourself. Find the way out , end this ongoing battle which you are constantly fighting inside you.

Do not waste what you have got. You can do way better than what you are doing right now. You just need to be determined and that is all.. You can fight the biggest odds in your life.

I understand you are tired, you want to give up, you want to run away but then what would be the difference between you and others? You are not meant to be the way you are right now. You need to celebrate yourself, cherish yourself, and most important LOVE yourself because Life is not what we think about it..It’s what we make out of it.