Live Life the way you want but that should definitely not cause harm to others. 

Live at your own term. Be little selfish, there’s nothing bad in that. 

Respect people who respects you and ignore those who you find not worth to keep in touch with.

Value your self and never let others take advantage of you.

There’s no need to explain your moves to others who judge you. 

 Live life your way..

-Damini Shah 


Your beauty!! 

Beauty comes from within

Beauty comes from soul

It doesn’t only defines diamonds 

It can also be seen in coals

It’s not just what you appear 

Its also the efforts you put to make all your weakness disappear

Its not only how you see yourself in the mirror 

It’s also how you stand tall improvising all your past error

It’s how you conduct yourself ,

And what you perceive

It’s all about the values afterall you  conceive 

It’s a mindset on which you have all the controls

Not letting people’s opinion to enroll

It’s about the confidence you carry 

The pride you wear 

It’s about how you marry your intellect and beauty well 

Its your confidence in yourself that makes your personality 

Just a pretty face can never be an absolute identity 

So let yourself define your beauty 

And never let your beauty define you

As you are beautiful in your own unique ways

Because beauty is not only defined by a beautiful  face. 

-Damini Shah 

For yourself!! 

We all know how important our loved ones are to us. Without them and their support life seems very sad and difficult. We all try our best to keep them happy and satisfied. Everyday we do things which make them feel special and indicate how much they mean to us. But how many of us do things which makes ourselves happy? How many of us try to take some time from our busy schedule to do stuffs which is important for us?

We so much indulge ourselves in doing things for others  that we completely forget about our own existence. I am not saying to be ignorant towards their needs & become selfish, all I am saying is to think about your own self also. Take time for your hobby, spend some quality time in your own company. Trust me this will only going to help you in building a more strong bond with your loved ones because when you are happy, you definitely will spread more happiness.

Taking care of ourself is very important. Read some novel, dance on your favourite song, exercise for your better health, cook something delicious, watch your favourite  show on television. Whatever your favourite thing is, just do it for a definite amount of time everyday just like a “must to do thing”.

Satisfying your loved ones need is important but while doing that don’t ignore yours. Your life is “Yours”, and you are responsible for your own happiness. So don’t ignore those things which makes you happy. 

After all  “A happy You, will make others happy too” 

-Damini Shah

Key to happiness!! 

The most important thing in life is “Happiness”. It is priceless, Lack of it makes ones life worthless. So its very important to attract tons of happiness on a daily basis.  Here are the top five ways to do it.

  • Love yourself & always count your blessings. 
  • Don’t overthink. 
  • Take good care of yourself  emotionally, physically and mentally. 
  • Celebrate even the smallest achievement of yours. 
  •  Be faithful to people who matters to you. 

Following these above mentioned list of things ,You can achieve happiness every day. 

Stay happy.. Always

-Damini Shah 

How to achieve peace in life? 

Nothing can bring you Peace but yourself!!

Having peace in mind and heart doesn’t mean there is no noise, no anger, no hurt, it simply means to have all these but still manage to get away with these emotions when it’s no longer needed to hold on. Holding on things doesn’t help at all. The only way to help yourself is to learn how to control your reactions on things that are not in your control. 

No one is born perfect, no one can achieve perfection even after trying for their whole life because we are humans. We are binded with emotions and emotions keeps creating disbalance in ones life and hence the person cannot be perfect in every spheres.  So achieving complete peace  is an impossible task. But that doesn’t mean we should  stop trying. We should practice the habit of being at peace with ourselves and our surroundings and stop trying to control things in life which can never  be in our control. The only way one can achieve a calm mind, is by achieving a calm heart. Don’t let your fear, anger, mood swings affect your inner peace. Don’t let the outer world create disbalance in your inner world, in your soul..

Practice to avoid things that are not important and start focusing on things that are.. This is the simplest way to achieve peace in life.  So from now don’t associate yourself with things which are not worth to be associated with, like your bad experiences in past. Start counting your blessings and you will see how it will help you to be at peace with the person you see in the mirror every time you look into it 🙂


Live life beautifully…..