Visit to Taj Mahal

A very bright morning of May it was when I was standing right in  front of Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the Indian city of Agra. It was commissioned in 1632 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The tomb is the centerpiece of a 42-acre complex, which includes a mosque and a guest house, and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a crenelated wall.


It was my first encounter with this monument of white marble shining like a Pearl as the sun scorches its light over the tomb of  it, holding many eternal story in its heart and love of millions of people, Taj Mahal was standing tall and still with pride right at the center of the premise. I had always wished to visit this place right from the day of my childhood when I saw my parent’s old photograph at Taj Mahal which they had clicked during the early years of their marriage. I have grown up reading about this wonder of world but unfortunately even after spending years of my life in New Delhi for my initial studies I had never got a chance to give myself a treat of visiting this famous heritage site. 

It only happened this year when my husband was going to New Delhi for some official work that I decided to accompany him and grab a chance to visit Agra which is near to New Delhi and where the epic monument “Taj Mahal”is . We both decided to visit the place if the official work gets over on time. So our trip to Agra was not confirmed, it was depending upon various other circumstances, But in my heart I knew that this time I am definitely going to visit this place with the LOVE OF MY LIFE . So even though the plan was not sure, still I was prepared with my Camera and my gut instinct which was constantly saying “Taj Mahal We are coming”  as soon as we left for Delhi.


Luckily we got a day off from work and immediately we started making arrangements for our much awaited one day trip to Agra. We knew the fact that after 10 am Taj Mahal often gets crowded with visitors and since we wanted to enjoy the moment exclusively with no heavy crowd , we decided to leave as early as possible from Delhi so that we could reach Agra before sunrise .

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It takes around 5 hours to reach Agra from New Delhi, So we left at around 2 am in the night from New Delhi and reached Agra exactly at 7 am. In order to save time we avoided public transport and opted for a personal cab. We were so exited to experience sun rise at Taj Mahal that we did not want to waste even a single minute. So without even having breakfast we immediately told our driver to take us directly to the Taj Mahal premise rather than wasting time in some hotel to get freshen up. Now you can imagine the level of excitement we had 🙂


As soon as We reached the place, all our tiredness was gone seeing the Beautiful Taj Mahal in front of us. We decided to first roam around the monument , click few photographs and then just sit for some time to praise the beauty and aura of this Heritage of our Country. Each and every thing related to this place is beautiful and amusing. After spending 3 hours at Taj Mahal we headed to a near by hotel to get freshen up for a while and then roamed the city of Agra and the local shops. 

Other than Taj Mahal there are also few more Heritage sites to Visit in Agra like Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, local shops etc. If you are somebody who likes to shop or buy souvenir then don’t forget to buy the famous camel leather shoes or miniature of Taj Mahal made in marble from here. You can also buy Banana leaf saari for your friends and family.

After roaming the city We decided to leave for Delhi by evening. Though it was a small trip but each and every moment of it will be cherished by me for ever.

Here I am  also sharing some photographs of the place from my camera. Enjoy 🙂

Swayam se Swayam ko..

Swayam se Swayam ko likhti hun mai..

Mann k sihai se Korey Panno ko aaj bharti hun mai

Ki chahey jo ho es jeevan mein

Udaasi ki taraf muh naa tu moodega

Mann ka ho ya naa ho kabhi

Mann vichlit na honey dega

Har ek zakhm bhar jaeyega

Kathin bhi aasaan ho jaeyega

Gar ho hausla purn, jeevan ko punah tu apnaeyega

Himmat haar kabhi kya kuch mila hai?

Rakhne se hausla hi toh sab mumkin hua hai

Toh fir badaltey zamaaney k saath badalne se tu daraa mat kar

Ro ro kar kabhi apne safar ko kosha mat kar

Jeevan toh chakka hai chalta hi jaeyega

Aaj ko kal ki chinta mein tu barbaad na kar

Jo hua accha hua

Jo hoga wo bhi accha hi hoga

Karm k siwa naa kal tere haath me tha kuch

Naa hi fir kal kuch ho paeyega

Toh kyun rahe tu uljha es awastha mein?

Kyun pathhar bharey hain chinta ki ,

Mann rupi farishtaa mein?

Tu adig ban khada reh chattano ki tarah

Fir dekh kaise kathin samay lamho mein simat kar beet jaeyega

Naa kabhi tu haara hai naa ab koi tujhe haraa paeyega

Jitney ki raah mein jab ab chal pada hai tu

Toh nischit jeet hi jeet toh paeyega

Nischit jeet hi jeet tu paeyega…

-Damini Shah

An empty self!!

Life goes on!

Is all we know

But little do we understand

Wounds never heal

Time passes

Memories fades

But pain from the past

Resides in  forever

Fragrance in air of present

May bring freshness for a while

But stains of blood on the desk of Past life

Never disappears

Years from then might have passed

When One had left one alone

But  little did they know

They are Leaving someone standing on the path

Which leads nowhere but to an empty self

And a heart which is now an abandoned place

To dump only hatred and nothing else..

-Damini Shah



Live life beautifully…..