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A conversation with SELF!!

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you feel you have completely lost hold on your thoughts?

When you know , what is haunting you is only present inside your head and nothing of it can ever happen in real life but still you do not give any shit about it and constantly keep on thinking the worst that can happen with you

Have you ever felt the need to just stop manipulating your own thought process and start to think nothing at all?

Have you ever wished to just not worry about anything around you and just focus on what you want to do rather than thinking what needs to be done?

If this is the scenario going inside your head then you are in a real conflict with your own self

You have fallen a prey of your own created illusions which is so daunting that you are barely breathing now.

It needs to be stopped, Right now Right here, otherwise you will lose everything you have worked really hard on for so many years.

You will loose the battle of this life to the biggest enemy of yours which is none other than YOUR OWN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS..

Don’t let this happen, You have not come this way long to loose everything once again.

Get up do something about it. Do not become puppet of your thoughts rather try to channelize them into something helpful which can support you in all the tough times.

No body can do anything for you. You are your biggest helper. Help yourself. Find the way out , end this ongoing battle which you are constantly fighting inside you.

Do not waste what you have got. You can do way better than what you are doing right now. You just need to be determined and that is all.. You can fight the biggest odds in your life.

I understand you are tired, you want to give up, you want to run away but then what would be the difference between you and others? You are not meant to be the way you are right now. You need to celebrate yourself, cherish yourself, and most important LOVE yourself because Life is not what we think about it..It’s what we make out of it.




An excerpt

The vital few and the trivial many:

Vilfredo pareto,the Italian economists discovered the 80/20 principle in 1897, which is now referred to as Pareto’s rule. He discovered that 80% of the output results from 20% of the input, 80% of consequences flow from 20% of causes, and 80% of results comes from 20%of effort. Joseph juran referred to this 20% as the vital few and the 80% as the trivial many. Sir Isaac Pitman, who invented shorthand, discovered that just 700 common words make up two- thirds of our conversation, He found that these words account for 80% of  common speech 

A student covers 80% of his syllabus in 20% of his study hours. About 20% of customers contribute of growth, profitability and satisfaction. 20 % of products and services account for 80% of the turnover, 20% of the employees generate 80% of productivity, the opinion of 20% defines the society, the output of 20% of the population defines the economy of the country.

80/20 thinking  is the secret of achieving more with less, Start celebrating exceptional productivity instead of trying to raise the average effort. Strive for excellence in a few things rather than good enough performance in many.

There is a tragic amount of waste everywhere, Almost four-fifth of everything that is happening in your life is yielding very little in return. Too  much focus is on the 80% which yields only 20%. Transform your thinking. Ra vamp your outlook. Reallocate your resources from the unproductive trivial many, to the productive vital few. Effectiveness is not about what happens to the 80%, but about how you manage, control and utilize the 20%.


Focus on the 20% and 80% of everything in your life will be taken care of.

source: Unposted letter


Read Read!!

A certain gentleman walked into a Hotel and after perusing through the Menu ordered for some Food.

After about 20 minutes another group of gentlemen walked in and ordered for theirs.

To his dismay, the first gentleman saw them get served first. He watched as they began to eat and laugh heartily.

He even overheard one of them brag about how he knew everyone at that hotel and how things moved fast for him there. He felt he was being mocked.

He contemplated leaving. But he had waited so long. Unable to take it anymore, he called the waiter and spoke sadly of how unfair things were.

The waiter calmly told him, yours is a Special Order Sir, being prepared by the Chief Chef himself. Their orders were prepared hurriedly by Interns because the top chefs are busy with yours. That’s why they came first. Please have some juice as you wait.

Unknown to him the Owner of the Hotel (who happened to be an old long lost Friend of his) had seen him coming and wanted to surprise him. He had made changes to his simple meal to make it a Five Star Meal.

He calmed down and waited. Shortly after, his Meal was served by 6 Waiters and he was waited on hand and foot and being made very comfortable.

The party at the other table were shocked. They couldn’t stop staring. Suddenly they were the ones murmuring, asking why they didn’t get that kind of service and meal.

So it is with Life. Some people are ahead of you and eating now, laughing at you about how they know people and how they’re blessed with money and how they’re enjoying life because of it.

You have been waiting long wondering why its taking so long to get your breakthrough, enduring mockery and humiliation. Maybe you have contemplated suicide, gone through depression or suffered severe mental anxiety.

D O NOT WORRY. The Owner of the World has seen you. And He doesn’t want to give you simple meals like those laughing at you.

You’ve been waiting for long because yours is a Special Meal and takes time. And only Chief Chefs make those.

Take heart today. Wait for your Meal and relax. When it comes, the laughing party will be silenced for good.

Calm Down. You are Special to the Owner of this World…God is there.


P.S ( Taken from an article, felt like sharing )

My new Journey with CountryRoads!!

I am very excited for the collaboration of my Blog with the team CountryRoads. I want to thank Mr. Sumit Sinha, movie director and all the other team members who has given me this opportunity to be a member of the team as well as the official blogger for their website http://www.teamcountryroads.com. I also want to thank him for giving me a golden chance of scripting poetry for his new upcoming movie ‘ Untitled- A story yet to be delivered’ which is a documentary based on a community of Jharkhand known as  ‘ The Birhor Community’.

Their upcoming film Untitled- A story yet to be delivered is a story of love and bounding between two brothers and their friends and the real heroes of their life, “BIRHOR” . The story takes you to different times to make you feel the presence of those characters.The story is all about the love of a mother for her son, longing of a brother for the another one, the bounding between friends and the inspiration to look for happiness in small things and get a better perception of life.

Team CountryRoad’ s first movie was featured in january 2015 and achieved a great success.


Sumit Sinha Director
Sumit Sinha

Now the team is ready to release its second movie very soon.

Team photo shoot with people of Birhor Community
Team photo shoot with people of Birhor Community

Wishing The team all the very Best, May the film achieve the greatest sucess 🙂


Marriage- A strong Bond

It’s the rare couple that doesn’t run into a few bumps in the road. If you recognize ahead of time, though what those relationship problems might be, you will have a much better chance of getting past them.
Even though every relationship has its ups and down, successful couples have learned how to manage the issues and keep their love life going. Here I am giving you a very useful tip of asking three questions to your Spouse which will help to boost relationship.


Ask this three questions once in a month to your Spouse, it will definitely help to strength your marriage and will make the bond between you both More stronger:


1: What in our marriage do we need to stop?

What is some behavior or actions that are harming our marriage? Or even, what is something you or your spouse is doing that is not beneficial to the marriage?

2: What in our marriage do we need to start?

What would be good to add? What needs to be started to make our marriage even better?

3: What in our marriage do we need to continue?

What are we doing well? What things are we doing that we can celebrate because of their success?

Try this and see how things changes 🙂

Disclaimer: Points taken from an article I recently read .