Home made Pocket Samosa


All purpose flour (Maida)PicsArt_10-07-04.48.43

Suji (Semolina)

3 Boiled potatoes

Half bowl of Boiled green peas

1 Chopped onion

2 Chopped green chili

5 piece Chopped garlic

Chopped coriander leaves

Red chili powder, half tbsp

Amchur powder (Dry Mango Powder)

Garam masala, half tbsp

Dry coriander powder, half tbsp

Salt (As per taste)

Sugar, half tbsp

Cumin seeds


Lemon juice, half tbsp


Step 1

Put  one cup Maida (All purpose flour) , Suji (Semolina) half cup, salt one small tbsp and oil in a bowl, add water to make a soft dough.


Step 2

Mash boiled potatoes and boiled peas in a bowl.


Heat oil in a kadhaai add cumin seeds, when they crackles add chopped onions, chopped garlic, when they turn golden brown in color add half tbsp garam masala, half tbsp coriander powder, half tbsp dry mango powder, half tbsp red chili powder, half tbsp lemon juice, half tbsp sugar and salt as per taste.


Step 3

Dough and stuffing is ready.


Step 4

Roll dough into chapati form


Step 5

Cut it into two halves as shown in the picture below


Step 6

Roll each half into envelope form


Step 7

Using oil close the bottom part and open the top of the cone using fingers.


Step 8

Fill stuffing in the cone and close it carefully by applying oil and pressing the top of the samosa using fingers.


Step 9

Deep fry the samosas until the color turns golden brown.


Pocket Samosas are ready to be served hot with tea and chutneys.




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