Marriage- A strong Bond

It’s the rare couple that doesn’t run into a few bumps in the road. If you recognize ahead of time, though what those relationship problems might be, you will have a much better chance of getting past them.
Even though every relationship has its ups and down, successful couples have learned how to manage the issues and keep their love life going. Here I am giving you a very useful tip of asking three questions to your Spouse which will help to boost relationship.


Ask this three questions once in a month to your Spouse, it will definitely help to strength your marriage and will make the bond between you both More stronger:


1: What in our marriage do we need to stop?

What is some behavior or actions that are harming our marriage? Or even, what is something you or your spouse is doing that is not beneficial to the marriage?

2: What in our marriage do we need to start?

What would be good to add? What needs to be started to make our marriage even better?

3: What in our marriage do we need to continue?

What are we doing well? What things are we doing that we can celebrate because of their success?

Try this and see how things changes 🙂

Disclaimer: Points taken from an article I recently read .



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