Chalta Jaa ae Raahi!

Baith Baith kya Soch raha hai

Aagey Chalta jaa ae raahi

Bhar baazuo me Damm

Kar le Jeetne ki taayari..

Khel kud k Ghar aaney k

Din toh gae ab beet

Vyarth guzaar naa kar aaj ko

Kal ka nisfal ateet

Yu Chuppi teri naa shor banegi

Naa hi kabhi Dahaad

Thakey hue pairo se kaise

Milegi sapno ko uncchi udaan

Baith Baith kya soch raha hai

Aagey chalta jaa ae raahi

Bhar baajuo me damm

Kar le jeetney ki Taiyaari

Baandh le aisa josh Jigar mein

Mil jaaye Khoi Raahey

Thad-Thad kaapey Chalne se koi

Tere adig kadam k Aagey

Naa Soch kabhi toh haarega

Naa hi khona tu bharosa

Jeetta tha aur jeetega

Rakh harshu yahi tu aasha

Baith Baith kya soch raha hai

Agaey Chalta jaa Ae raahi

Bhar Baajuo Mein Damm

Kar le Jeetney Ki taiyaari…

-Damini Shah


My first Award “The Versatile Blooger Award” :-)


I am very Happy & Honoured to recieve my First Blog award “The Versatile Blogger Award” and I am very Grateful to my Friend Sanjeet ( & V-pub ( who has nominated me for this . Thank you both of you for considering me Suitable for the award.

Now According to the Rules of this award, The nominated Blogger needs to Answer few questions which are as follows:

Here are the rules:
1.)  Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you – Done
2.)  Share 7 facts about you.
3.) Lastly,nominate any number of fellow bloggers for the same.

7 Facts about me:

1: I am a trained Classical Kathak Dancer.


2: I am a big foodie 🙂


3: I love clicking Selfy 🙂 Oh yaa I just love It


4: I am a big fan of a Comedy TV series “Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasma”


5: I hate Cockroaches..They just make me go Crazy if I spot even a single one… be it 20 feets away from me..

Ya Ya You heard it right even if it is 20 Feets away.. 😉


6: I love Para Sailing..


7: I just love Horror Movies..


Now, onto the fun part!

Here are my nominees:

1- theonlysup (

2- Nimmi (

3- Mayank Bhatt (

4- senK (

5- Alok (

If you choose to participate , Here are the rules:

1.)  Provide the link and name of the blogger who nominated you. – Done.
2.)  Share 7 facts about you.
3.) Lastly,nominate any number of fellow bloggers for the same.

Have fun with it!

Damini Shah

Kaarwaa toh chala gaya!

Kaarwaa Toh chala gaya

Par Kuch Mussafir Peechey chhuut gaye

Zakhm toh ab bhar chala

Par Unke Nisaan Peechey chhut gaye

Zindagi k kadam se kadam mila kar

Chalnne ki jaddozehet mein

Kaamyabi k kadam chumtey insaano k

Insaaniyat peechey chhut gaye

Kaarwa toh chala gaya

Par Kuch musaafir peechey chhut gaye..

Dhoond rahey the barso se jo khud k liye basera

Massoom un banjaaron k sapno k ghar

Peechey kahin chhut gaye

Aur Ban rahey muddato se dusro k dard k jo the dawa

Wakt k saath Unke hi hamdard

Peechey kahin chhut gaye

Kaarwaa toh chala gaya

Par Kuch musaafir peechey chhut gaye..

Barso jal khud jwala mein de rahey jo dusro ko garmaahat

Un sukhey vriksh k bejaan patto k ab

Nissan bhi peechey chhut gaye

Aur Likha tha masumiyat ka jo paath bachpan mein kabhi

Panne wo Insaano k Zehen k bastey se naa jaaney kaise chhut gaye

Kaarwa toh chala gaya

Par Kuch Musaafir peechey Chhut gaye…

-Damini Shah


Wo kya hi Samajh Payenge!

Peechey reh jaaney ka dard

Aagey Nikal jaaney waley

Kabhi Kya hi jaan paeyenge…

Haar mein kaisi hoti hai Chubhan

Ye Jitney waley

Kabhi Kya hi samajh payenge..

Chalti hai jispe

Wakt ki Chaabuk

Kaise seh letey hain

Wo us dard ko

Ye Hasin wakt se Guzarney waley

Kabhi Kya hi aak payenge…

Peechey reh jaaney ka dard

Aagay nikal jaaney waley

Kabhi Kya hi jaan paeyenge…

Wyasht hain dhoondhne mein jo

Diye hue prashnno k

Ab tak uttar..

Wo Sawaal baney logo k uljhano ko

Kya hi Samajh payenge

Peechey reh jaaney ka dard

kabhi kya hi jaan payenge..

Guzarti hai kya naazuk dil pe

Jab Naseeb de de Dhokha

Ye Mukaddar k Sikkandar

Kabhi kya hi mehsus kar payenge…

Mehsus karney waley toh chal basey kab k

Jo Dil ki baaton ko

Yuhi bhaap liya kartey the

Ab Jo reh gaye hai sesh

Wo Izhaarey dil bhi Kya hi Sun payenge..

Peechey reh jaaney ka dard

Kabhi Kya hi jaan payenge..

Suna hai jo kehtey the khud ko Sher

Ek Zammaney mein Kabhi

Wo bhi ab mukhotey pehen

Jhund mein Chala Kartey hain

Akele chal Zindagi se lad jaaney ka hunar

Wo Bhed me Chhupe Log

Kya hi Samjh payenge..

Peechey reh jaaney ka Dard

Aagey Nikal jaaney waley

Kabhi Kya hi jaan payenge…

Has dena toh bada aasaan hai

Kisi ki bhi Laachaari par

Baishakhi le Chalne walo ka Jigar

Do pau pe rengne waley

Kabhi kahaa hi rakh payenge..

Peeche reh jaane ka dard

Kya hi jaan payenge..

Kadr jo kar naa paaye beet rahe

Wakt k keemat ki kabhi

Wo maut k bistar par letey Hue ki

Ghadi Ghadi ki ahmeyat ko kya hi Samajh payenge

Peechey Reh jaaney ka dard

Aagey nikal jaaney waley

Kabhi Kya hi jaan payenge..

-Damini Shah

An Article on Being Social!!

Today I am really having an urge from some where deep down my heart to write about negativity I see in people around me. There are many people who are in the captivity of negativity which never let them appreciate anything about anybody,  resulting into criticizing everything for the reason only known to them. They start hating people and ultimately ends up people hating them. That’s the way actually their negative mind force them to live their life and I am really clueless most of the times wondering, what they get doing all this?? After all why any one would provoke people to hate them? Why is it so difficult to behave cordially with people now a days.

Human Being is a social animal is what we all are listening since we were a kid then after growing up, why it becomes difficult to digest this simple fact for most of us? Why we are becoming slave of our own negative thoughts? What makes us to do so? Is the problem really residing in others or its in our own self? Why we are getting surrounded by negative thoughts?


These are few questions to be really  concerned about, because this negative thoughts if not restricted from growing into us,  one day will result into extinction of the sweet and positive words like love, faith, politeness, kindness, friendship, appreciation etc from human dictionary. How Shameful that would be to live a life like a robot? When thinking about these issues one really nice thought comes into my mind which I had once read some where..

To BE KIND is more important than to be right.

Many Times, What People need is NOT 

A brilliant mind that Speaks

But a SPECIAL HEART that Listens.

The above quotation is absolutely correct,  but how many of us really follow this?  Why it’s so difficult to say few kind words, or to greet people with a smile? I don’t think Smile cost any thing, does they? Then why  people are ignoring this sweet gestures of “Being Social”,where are we heading friends? I dont see any point of us being educationally well qualified when we are forgetting those simple lessons of our childhood.

The purpose of life is not to be selfish all the time. I am not saying don’t think about yourself, all I am saying is not to think only about yourself,  try to be sympathetic with people around you, or if you cannot solve their problems, at least be kind to them. Remember not to criticize also if you cannot appreciate at times.

These simple things in life, will not cost anything to you rather in return you can earn true friends for life time who will be standing besides you no matter what happens. Then what is the problem in bringing change in you?

We all know those who spend their time looking for faults in others, usually make no time to correct their own. So, why to enroll your self among those fault seekers, Why not be a person everybody loves to meet? Think about all these questions I raised in this article and try to find out their answers not through your mind but through your heart .

Hence ending my article on a very important note:

Try to Be like Somebody..

You will always love to meet!!

I hope this read will at least evoke you to think about your behavior towards others & may help you to rectify mistakes you have discovered in yourself while reading it..


Live life beautifully…..