When ever We come to know that Guests are coming to our place we often become tensed..lots and lots of questions starts coming into our mind like OMG I need to clean my house..shit Bathroom also…after all we cannot tell guests not to use them just because its Dirty..I mean not as clean as per their expectations.. hehe..but jokes apart we really start worrying about so many things the moment we come across this GUEST COMING TO VISIT OUR PLACE situation but one thing mostly we all face is WHAT TO SERVE THEM??? We all want to serve our best to the guests..but either gets confused so end up ordering food from outside or else serve them something really Cold drinks or lemonade in welcome drink..

Now no need to worry about what to serve  them because I am going to give you few Simple yet Stylish Recipes that You can make by yourself and please your Family as well as guests coming to your place. Since its summer time..lets start with one summer welcome drink.. How about a cold coffee with Chocolate syrup & Ice cream??? Sounds Fancy right..but its really easy to make.. lets see how?

Things needed to make Cold coffee with Chocolate syrup  Ice cream:

So three obvious things are Coffee, Ice cream & Chocolate syrup..

Things you will need to make cold coffee
Things you will need to make cold coffee

1 Blender

2 Milk

3 Sugar powder

4 Chocolate syrup

5 Choco chip ( Optional)

How to prepare??

Step 1

Take  milk in a container & boil it & then turn off the gas ( Quantity of milk depends upon number of glasses you want to make)

Step 2

Put sugar in the milk one tablespoon per glass ( Again depends upon your taste and the size of glass)

Powdered Sugar
Powdered Sugar

Step 3

Add coffee powder in the milk and stir well.

Step 4

After few minutes when milk comes down to normal temperature put the container into refrigerator.

Step 5

Mean while take a transparent serving glass and apply Chocolate syrup on it as shown in the picture below

Step 6

Take out the container rom the refrigerator after one hour.

This is the way you can put Chocolate syrup around the glass.
This is the way you can put Chocolate syrup around the glass.

Step 7

Take one blender and blend the mixture until you see foams appearing in it.

Step 8

Pour the coffee into the Glass.

Step 9

For garnishing apply a little bit of Chocolate syrup on the top of the liquid, put some choco chips and A scoop of Vanilla Ice cream in it.

Your Cold coffee with chocolate syrup & Ice cream is ready to serve.




Is Safar mein gamm ki bauchhaar abhi aur bhi hai..IMG_2718

Khushiyon ki jhalak k saath,

Aasuon ki barsaat abhi aur bhi hai.

Mukammal jahaa dhundne ki jaddozehet mein,

Kaante raashto me abhi aur bhi hai,

Is safar mein gam ki bauchhaar abhi aur bhi hai.

Dard naa ho jab tak,

Mahlam ki kadr kahaan hoti hai,

Malham ki taalaash me abhi barso ka intejaar aur bhi hai,

Is safar mein gamm ki bauchaar abhi aur bhi hai.

Ye gamm mila unse tauhfe me hame,

Tohfa kubul kar ye dard sahe jaa rahe hain,

Gila hai toh bas es baat ka hame,

Tauhfe me Khushi se zaada shaayad,

Dard hi Dard abhi aur bhi hai..

Is safar mein gamm ki bauchaar abhi aur bhi hai,

Sikkwa ab raha nahi,

Guzaarish hamne ki nahi,

Fir bhi wo kehte hai hamare beech kuch kami si abhi aur bhi hain

Is safar mein Gamm ki Bauchaar abhi aur bhi hai…



Jo bhi miley tum jaise mujhe

Unke saath ek kaarwaa bana liya,

Sirat hai jiski tumhaare jaisi,

Usi ko apna hamsafar bana liya.

Tumhara hubahu aks naa mila toh

Parchhaiyaan aakhir dhoond li maine,

Un parchhaiyon k saath ek anmol rishtaa banaa liya,

Kuch tumhaare jaiso k saath ek kaarwaa banaa liya..

Toofan k aane se pehle hi darr jaana toh laazmi tha,

Islie ek mazboot aatmwishwaas ka nauka bana liya,

Kuch tumhare jaiso k saath ek kaarwaa bana liya…..

Ab aane wale toofano se nauka meri khul kar takraaeyegi,

Darr kar nahi himmat se Zindagi ki gaadi aagey chalti jaegi

Darrna toh kaayarta hai, Himmat hi Safalta ka ek maatr raashta hai,Ye baat tumne sikhai thi..

Islie Darr ko chhodd himmat se maine naya waasta bana liya..

Kuch tumhaare jaiso k saath ek nayaa kaarwaa bana liya…


In the loving memory of my MAA….



Hey friends today I am going to tell you Recipe of water melon juice which you can make by yourself at home.It will impress your guests as well as help you in keeping yourself re-hydrated this summer season. So,lets not waste any more time & see how you can make it following few simple steps:

Things you will need to make the water melon juice are:


1 Water melon

2 Lemon( Optional)

3 Blender

4 Sugar

5 Black salt

6 Honey

7 Seed separator

8 Mixer grinder/ juicer

Step 1

Take one water melon cut it into two half.

Step 2

Cut the two halves of the watermelon into small pieces.

Step 3

Separate seeds from it as much as possible.

Step 4

Take sugar in a bowl and grind it in mixer

and convert it into powder as shown in the picture

Step 5

Put pieces of watermelon into mixer grinder/ juicer & extract the juice out of it.

step 6

If seeds are still present in the juice Use Seperator & seperate them.

Step 7

Add powdered sugar into the juice and mix well.

Step 8

Take the glass in which you want to pour the juice and apply icing sugar on the top of the glass using honey.

Step 9

Add black salt and lemon in the juice mixture (OPTIONAL) PicsArt_1428392546999[1]

Step 10

Pour the juice in the glass carefully without making the icing sugar wet.

Step 11

For garnishing put one piece of watermelon on the top of the glass as shown in picture.

Now put the glass into refrigerator and serve it after it gets cool..

Water melon juice is ready to serve.
Water melon juice is ready to serve.

Your Water melon juice is ready to serve.



If you are planning to visit Kerala on your Next holiday trip then I hope my information’s & pictures will definitely help you.

I visited Kerala few months Back and I must tell you it was one of my most memorable trip so far,  No no its not that I am a frequent Traveler or Explorer of the world I am a law student pursuing my studies from Bangalore, but I have visited few places in India,and out of those few places. I would say This one was definitely the best one. It was not my first hill station or beach visit but Still The beauty of Kerala really mesmerized me. No wonder why it is called Gods Own country!!

Enough of descriptions now, Let me tell you How I explored The places in and around Kerala. If you ask me the best way to do it, I would recommend you to go through Travel Agents. The same even I did, otherwise it will be very hectic & confusing to decide where to start & where to end up your trip

So, in order to Enjoy the trip without any headaches and confusion, plan your trip through a travel agency. I finalized the agency and booked my hotels, travel tickets, Boat bookings etc two months prior to my trip. So, you can say it was a fully planned trip, as we had clear idea about our holiday dates & what and all we want see in Kerala. We had five days in hand. So, it was really necessary to plan every day perfectly,in order to prevent our self from missing any thing to be seen there.

I stay in Bangalore, So I booked flights tickets from Bangalore to Kochi. It just took couple of hours for us to reach Kochi Airport..& we were so relaxed by seeing our car with the Driver sent by the travel agents waiting outside the airport for us.

Places we planned to cover in those five days were:

1 Munnar ( 2 days stay)

2 Thekkady (1 day)

3 Allepey (1 day)
4 Kochi

We started our journey from Kochi to Our first destination Munnar. We stayed their in One Resort, It was beautifully located on the top of a hill, & the view from there was outstanding. Munnar is a beautiful Hill station, with lots & lots of tea plantations all around. We stayed there for two days & explored the city.

Gods Own Country!!
Gods Own Country!! Munnar

Things to do in Munnar:

You can see Rose garden, Lake( where you can do boating and buy some souvenir for your friends and family), National park, Click perfect pictures on photo points, Enjoy food at local shops And If you are staying in resorts then you can enjoy having break fast in tree house or bonfire at night organised by the resort people. Since there is nothing much to do in in Munnar after Sunset..So, better you book a good resort or hotel,to keep yourself busy in something during evening.

After spending two days in Munnar we headed to our next Destination Thekaddy.

Tree house at Munnar resort

Kerala is all about road trips and views that you see during travelling from one place to another, So, on the way to thekkady enjoy the greenery all around, deep valleys, beautiful mountains,waterfall and spice gardens. Dont forget to take elephant ride that comes on the way to Thekkady. The fare of elephant ride is never included in your travel plan cost..So 500 rs you will have to pay to the vendors, but that experience is  worth 500 rs.

We reached Thekkady in the afternoon, it was around 4 hours of journey from Munnar

Thekkady is considered as a heaven for natural spices such as Black pepper,Cinammon, Nutmeg, Nutmace, Ginger, and Clove . So Dont forget to buy some Natural Spices for your Family & Friends from there.

Water fall on the way to Thekkedy
Water fall on the way to Thekkedy

Things to do in Thekkady:

1 Spice Garden Tour.

2 Elephant Ride

3 Ayurvedic Spa

4 Local arts

5 Shopping( There are many Emporium You can spend time in)

6 Periyar National park

Tea plantion
Tea plantion

We stayed there for one day and then started our journey to Allepey the very next day at 7 in the morning Since it takes around 5 hours to reach Allepey from Thekkady and our target was to reach before 12 pm as cruising time of the house boat is 12 to 5 in the evening and we did not want to miss any single moment of it, We left Thekkady around 7 am & reached house boat around 12. Just the way we had planned.( WE ARE VERY PUNCTUAL TRAVELERS YOU SEE)

Now the best part of Kerala started….ONE FULL DAY & NIGHT STAY AT THE HOUSE BOAT.

House Boat

If you are in Kerala, you must experience one night stay in house boat at Allepey for sure. If you are booking house boat through your travel agent,the cost will be included in your package but if you are doing the bookings by yourself then its pretty will cost you around 11k to 15k depending upon the quality of boat you have booked, options available are Luxury boat,Deluxe boat,Premium boat etc. We have selected Deluxe AC boat..& it was very clean & comfortable.

The cruising time of the ship was really a life time memorable experience. Food served by the house boat people was also tasty, they serve veg & non veg both. In order to enjoy House boat experience even more Carry few (Below mentioned) things along with you.

1 Mosquito KIller Spray

2 Room Freshener

3 Collections of songs which you can play in the Cd player provided in your boat to keep yourself entertained.

4 Snacks ( Though they serve fruits, Biscuits etc but still u carry some more with yourself if you are a foodie like me)


Now it was our last day in Kerala..and we were going to see our final destination The Allappuzha  beach. There are a few more beaches in Kerala like Kovalam Beach,Marikulam beach,Bekal beach,Varkala Beach etc but we selected Allappuzha beach because we had not enough time in hand,  we had to return back to Bangalore that same day, so we selected the beach that comes on the way to the Kochi airport ,and I am really happy that we chose that particular was beautiful even more than our expectations .

Alappuzha is one of the most beautiful beaches in India(According to me) It has a Light house which stands near the beach making it more interesting spot for tourists. Remains of Alappuzha Sea Bridge, are still there as a memory of the good old days when Alappuzha port was one of the most famous and important ports in Kerala. The Sea Bridge enabled the passage of goods via ship.

We reached there in couple of hours, The beach was clean and very different from the other I had seen so far,You see the photographs and you will come to know why I am crazy about the beauty of this beach.

Alappuzuha Beach
Alappuzha Beach

After spending two three hours there We went inside the city   (Kochi.). There also you can enjoy few places like Museum, St Francis Church, Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, Santacruz Basilica, Lulu Mall (one of the India’s largest mall) But we preferred a nice hotel to relax for an hour and to have good lunch before heading back to the airport. After relaxing for an hour we reached airport on time with lots of sweet memories to cherish for a lifetime & Perfectly Clicked Pictures. We got back to Bangalore.

So, this was my whole experience about My trip To God’s Own Country.

Hope you have enjoyed reading  it & Found it informative.  Don’t hesitate to PM me on my mail id if you want any more info about the place. Meanwhile enjoy few clicks from My Camera.

Take Care..


Live life beautifully…..