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I am a Law Student according to my Qualification and a blogger by choice!! My hobbies are Photography,both Posing and Clicking, I love to cook, read novels, Do a bit of Poetry ( Both Hindi and English) Mad about Dancing ( I am a classical trained Dancer) and also an official blogger for team CountryRoads. I love everything about life...and Believe in living it Beautifully!! Enjoy My world of LifeMyntras :-)

Angel..Don’t give up!!

When she wanted to give up

He held her hands

When she felt she has lost it all

He reminded her of his presence

When she was feeling helpless

He comforted him with his love

He showed her the path

That she needs to walk in

To reach where she will find a way for herself

He was there when no body was

He held her hands, when no body else

He made her smile

Brought back the lost child in her

Gifted her the kiss of life..

He was an angel, she always waited for

How can she let that angel now give up..

How can she let him feel this way…

He deserves all the happiness in the world

Angel! Don’t give up…



Apple Milk Shake

Apple milk shake is one of my favorite milk shake not just because it is yummy but also because it is good for health and quick to prepare. It is a great drink for kids as well as adult. To prepare this you do not need any fancy juicer mixer grinder. You can make it using a blender in just two easy steps, Lets get started 🙂



  • Two apple for a glass full of milkshake
  • Chilled Milk (As per serving)
  • Sugar
  • Dry fruits (Almond, raisins, Kaju) 


Step 1:

Peel the skin off from the apple

Step 2:

Chop apples in small pieces


Step 3

Take milk , dry fruits(Optional) and sugar in a container and add chopped apples to it

Step 4:

Blend it nicely with the hand blender until apple is mixed properly with the milk

Step 5:

Serve Chilled 🙂



Hand in Hand..

When you know things are out of your hand

When you think you are loosing control

And that you are feeling sad

When you look into the mirror 

And hush! What is happening?

You feel somewhere or the other

You are getting nothing

Sometime you will feel confused

The other time you may be shocked

You may wonder what to do

To keep the show on

With all these stressful thoughts

Just before the moment you feel like quitting

Not wanting to give another shot

Come to me..

I am here!

I am not saying

I am Confident and good

But I promise you

I will always be standing beside you

Like I always stood

It may not help you to overcome the challenges

That you need to face

But it will surely help you

In many other ways

Be it the taste of sucess

Or the pain of failure

Whatever it may be

But I am always there

Standing by your side

Cherishing and captivating 

Each moment with you

As (My) only treasure

As (Our) only treasure..




A conversation with SELF!!

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you feel you have completely lost hold on your thoughts?

When you know , what is haunting you is only present inside your head and nothing of it can ever happen in real life but still you do not give any shit about it and constantly keep on thinking the worst that can happen with you

Have you ever felt the need to just stop manipulating your own thought process and start to think nothing at all?

Have you ever wished to just not worry about anything around you and just focus on what you want to do rather than thinking what needs to be done?

If this is the scenario going inside your head then you are in a real conflict with your own self

You have fallen a prey of your own created illusions which is so daunting that you are barely breathing now.

It needs to be stopped, Right now Right here, otherwise you will lose everything you have worked really hard on for so many years.

You will loose the battle of this life to the biggest enemy of yours which is none other than YOUR OWN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS..

Don’t let this happen, You have not come this way long to loose everything once again.

Get up do something about it. Do not become puppet of your thoughts rather try to channelize them into something helpful which can support you in all the tough times.

No body can do anything for you. You are your biggest helper. Help yourself. Find the way out , end this ongoing battle which you are constantly fighting inside you.

Do not waste what you have got. You can do way better than what you are doing right now. You just need to be determined and that is all.. You can fight the biggest odds in your life.

I understand you are tired, you want to give up, you want to run away but then what would be the difference between you and others? You are not meant to be the way you are right now. You need to celebrate yourself, cherish yourself, and most important LOVE yourself because Life is not what we think about it..It’s what we make out of it.




You know you are trapped

When you move

But not reach anywhere

You know you are trapped

When the roads you take

Leads always to the end

You know you are trapped

When you do things

What you did the last day

And the day before that..

You know you are trapped

When you speak but not your mind

You know you are trapped

When you think

But not conclude

You know you are trapped

When you look

But not observe

You know you are trapped

When you meet someone

And get lost in thoughts

You know you are trapped

When you can smile

But cannot laugh

You know you are trapped

When you touch

But cannot feel…

You know you are trapped

When you listen a song

But not understand the lyrics

You know you are trapped

When you write

But only the negatives…

You know you are trapped

When your dreams

Are not anymore what you visualise

But it’s just what you see at night..

You know you are trapped

All trapped..

In so many pre-conceived notions

In your fears, In your past

In your pain, in your worries

In your head , in your soul

You are trapped and You know it…