The cotton seed by Kajol Aikat

A reader Review:

The Cotton seed is a newly launched e-book by Mr. Kajol Aikat,a twenty years old Ranchi-based author who has done his schooling from DAV Public School, After doing BBA, he is currently pursuing his MBA in Marketing from BIT, Mesra, Ranchi.  

Prior, Aikat has three works in English literature to his name. His first novel was Unsocial Amigos (2014), second has been a short story, named Life isn’t a fairy-tale, in the anthology called- The Unbreakable You (2015), and third has been a romance fiction novel- Reason to Live (2015). All the books received overwhelming response .

This time the writer has tried his hands on a short story  titled as “The Cotton Seed”. The story has been brought from the lap of history. It reflects  the society of India in 17th century where women had to undergo a lot of traumas and were they  were considered of no use. 

The writer has portrayed a very strong  character named “Ira” in his story who is  a cotton seed  dweller, She believes in breaking the odd rules of the evil society and want justice and equal opportunity for all the women and works for uplifting  the same

 The main drama of the story relies on the fact that how this girl “Ira”  finds a way to help her village come out of misery and make a clear point for those who thought women has nothing to do with brains. The story is mainly based on a situation that arose in Dehri, a village in the state of Bihar and how Ira turns the unfavorable situation into an opportunity for herself and the villagers.

Generally In  short stories , it sometimes becomes difficult for the writer to describe each and every thing clearly for the understanding of the readers without getting dragged from the main focus point but Mr. Aikat has clearly succeeded in making the story to the point yet not leaving any stones unturned.

It is a very strong story with some good food for thoughts without any unnecessary exaggeration and extensions.

Main attraction about this story writting :

Amazing story, amazingly portrayed… Loved the way the author easily described everything and how softly the story ended just like the way In our childhood we used to hear tiny tales from grand ma 🙂

My final Verdict: Worth reading with a strong coffee and a happy face:-) Believe me this combo really works.

P.S   If you loved the plot of the story and want to know the whole of it, Please go ahead and get your copy from amazon.


A review by Damini Shah.


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