Pumpkin Khichdi

Khichdi is a staple food in India. In every household once in a week Khichdi is prepared. So, let’s  make the Khichdi more tastier by adding Kadima (Pumpkin) to it, This is the way actually Khichdi is prepared in Bihar and Bengal specially during summer season because it is a very comforting lunch in hot summer days as it keeps stomach cool and when accompanied with raita , it becomes more soothing for stomach also Kadima makes Khichdi a lot more tastier.

So, let’s get started. 



Rice one cup

Moong dal half cup

Pumpkin (Kadima)

Chopped half medium sized onion

Half chopped tomatoes

Black mustard seeds

Cumin seeds

Chopped green chili

Turmeric powder

Dry red chili

Salt for taste

Half tbsp sugar



Step 1

Chop pumpkin( Kadima) In small size.


Step 2:

Take a cooker, add oil and add black mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, dry red chili and green chili.


Step 3:

Add chopped onion, tomatoes and pumpkin to it.


Step 4

Add Turmeric powder, pinch of garam masala, salt for taste, Sugar half tbsp, dry coriander powder.


Step 5

Add washed rice and moong dal to it. Mix properly and on a low flame cook for two minutes.


Step 6

Add water and cook on a medium flame in the pressure cooker like usual khichdi.

After 5-6 whistle turn off the stove.

Pumpkin Khichdi is ready.

Serve with raita. Pickle, Papad, any vegetable curry. Ghee and green chutney.


Enjoy 🙂


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