Stuffed Mooli Parantha (Winter Special)

Mooli paratha is another favorite paratha recipe from the land of punjab.They are usually served as breakfast in punjabi homes.


Grated Mooli

Chopped Onion, One medium sized.

Ginger, Garlic and green chili paste.


Chopped coriander leaves.

Pinch of garam masala.

Half tbsp dry mango powder.

Half tbsp red chili powder.


Oil/ Butter.


Step 1

Heat Kadhaai, add all the above mentioned ingredients in it and fry on a medium flame until water gets completely evaporated from it. It will take 5-6 minutes.


NOTE: Do not add oil to the kadhaai while fryng the ingredients.

Step 2

On the other side make a soft wheat dough using oil, water and salt.

Now the stuffing and the wheat dough is ready.


Roll the dough into a small circular form, Just the way we do for the usual paranthas.


Step 3

Fill the stuffing and roll dough  into a medium size parantha using rolling pin.


Step 4

Heat tava and cook the paranthas uniformly from the both sides until the color turns into golden brown as shown in the picture below.


Mooli stuffed Paranthas are ready.


Serve hot with Dahi and Dhaniya Chutney 🙂





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