Sweet Boondi

This festival season, Prepare prasaad (Offerings for God) at home and surprise your friends and family. All you need to do is follow this quick and simple recipe. So, let’s get started πŸ™‚


. Gram Flour (1 cup)

. Rava (Semolina) Three tbspPicsArt_10-14-11.49.51

. Sugar (One bowl)

. Cardamom powder

. Oil

. Water


Step 1

Take Gram flour and Rava in a bowl, add water to it and mix well until it converts into a running consistency.


Step 2

Add one tbsp oil to the Gram flour mixture.


Step 3

Take a container add one bowl sugar and half bowl water, let it boil on a medium flame.

Once it starts boiling add cardamom powder into it.

Let the syrup boil for three minutes on a low flame then turn the stove off.


Step 4

Heat oil in a kadhaai and using steel spatula which has holes on the top, pour the boondi mixture over the oil as shown in the picture below.



Make sure that the oil is moderately hot.

Step 5

Deep fry the boondis on a low flame until the colour turns golden yellow.


Step 6

Take out the fried boondis from the kadhaai.


Step 7

Put the fried boondis into the Sugar syrup.


Step 8

Let the boondis be in the sugar syrup for five minutes.

Step 8

Take out the boondis from the sugar syrup and transfer it to the serving plate.


Sweet boondis are ready.




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