Veg Manchurian Gravy


Grated Carrot for Manchurian balls and gravy

Grated Cabbage for manchurian balls and gravy

Grated ginger and garlicPicsArt_09-10-02.01.15

Chopped Ginger and garlic

Green chili

Chopped one medium sized onion

Soya sauce

Schezwan chutney

Chili sauce

Baking soda

Corn flour powder


Tomato ketchup


Step 1

Take a bowl, put grated carrot, grated cabbage, grated ginger and garlic, chopped green chili in it and add pinch of baking soda.


Step 2

Add maida, red chili powder and salt as per taste


Step 3

Mix well with water and make medium sized ball


Step 4

Take a kadhaai, heat oil and fry manchurian balls until they turn golden brown in colour


For Gravy

Step 1

Take a non stick kadhaai, heat oil, add chopped onion, green chili, ginger, garlic, black pepper powder

Step 2

Add half small tbsp schezwan chutney in it and stir well


Step 3

Add grated carrot and grated cabbage in the kadhaai


Step 4

When it gets cooked properly, mix one tbsp soya sauce with sugar and add it to the kadhaai


Step 5

Add chili sauce and vinegar, salt as per taste along with tomato ketchup to the gravy

Step 6

Add water to the kadhaai  and let it boil as shown in the picture below


Step 7

Mix half small bowl of corn flour powder in the kadhaai and boil the mixture keeping the flame high.


You will notice change in the colour of the gravy and its consistency.

Keep on stirring well for 3-4 minutes then turn the stove off

Veg gravy manchurian is ready.


While serving add manchurian balls to the gravy and serve hot with fried rice 🙂




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